1. Firefighter FWB Pt. 01

    Date: 1/17/2023, Categories: Trans Author: bychrissycox, Source: Literotica

    Long time reader, first time writer.
    Me, a long time closet crossdresser. I love women, but sometimes I feel the urge to slide into a tight slutty dress and play. I'm slim it, 6'2 170lb, light mocha complexion. Dressed, my fit long legs and tight round ass always gets compliments and attention. From the back, I'm a bad bitch. Any straight man would love to get in close, stroke my legs, then grab my ass. I've been dressing off and on for about 20 years now. Over the years I've had a few hot experiences, that I still get off to till this day. While reading a hot lit story the other day I decided to finally give this a try, as I know there's a few sissy sluts out there who will cum hard reliving my naughty adventures in their head.
    I'm picky, the bitch who'd post hot pics on craigslist begging for dick. Respond and talk to a few interesting ones for a while, trade pics and sext for a bit, then decide it's probably not what I'm looking for and dip. I'm real, but looking for the right ones. I went through a phase of a few years on my knees, slurping off 10 or so random guys a year. Some were fun, most were not. I need a man that gets me hot, makes me feel girly and sexy, which leads to me being his slutty fucktoy. I'm real, but picky. The idea of sucking off a random stranger still gets me hot on occasion, but I'm mainly looking for guys who can make me feel like a hot piece of ass. Men who turn alpha with a hot sissy, those are the men I crave the most. Men who treat me like a real girl, grabbing my ass, grinding into my body, lick me in my sensitive spots, manhandle me a bit, and whisper in my ear how they're going to make me their slut. Sissys melt, then turn into dirty cumsluts when under their spell. So far I've found 3 daddy's that fit the description, and we've been playing off and on for 10+ years. Outside of them I haven't had many different dicks in awhile, but occasionally I search for more. If I ghosted on you over the years, sorry, I'm real and was interested, just didn't think it would work in the end.
    My first story is about meeting one of my regulars for the first time. I had been posting on CL looking for awhile, chatting and ghosting lol. One guy responded a few times, sent some pics too. Nice white stick, sorta skinny looking, made my mouth water a bit. He kept raving about one of the pics I posted. I had on a red shiny stripper g-string, thin enough that most of my freshly shaven pussing was showing through. I remember taking the pic, on my back and legs over my head and spread, loving the feel of the material against my pussy. After seeing those pics of my smooth pussy in panties, he kept telling me how much he wanted to lick me. Who doesn't want their pussy licked right? We kept in touch for a while, texting dirty thoughts to each other. After awhile our schedules aligned, he was free and I wanted to suck dick and have my pussy licked.
    I wasn't expecting much, this was during a slut phase, a time of playing with a ...