1. My Hot Little Sister-in-Law, Epilogue

    Date: 1/21/2023, Categories: Cheating Author: CommunicationDirectr, Source: LushStories

    Since writing my first story about my “hot little sister in law,” I decided to write the second chapter to our illicit affair.
    Although Sandra and I have been married for many years and although our marriage is rock solid and strong, her younger sister, Tandra has unexpectantly inserted herself into my life in a bold way. Tandra has always had designs on hooking up with me, and after her divorce, she didn’t hold back.
    So, when Sandra and I had a dry spell, where neither of us were meeting each other’s needs and sexual appetite, Tandra took full advantage of the situation. I had not planned on succumbing to the temptations, but Tandra did not hold back.
    One weekend, Sandra told me that she was going off to a ladies’ retreat with some church friends. Tandra, who had spent some time in our Dallas suburban mansion after her divorce, called and asked if she could use the backyard pool for some tanning and relaxation. It was a perfect set up for Tandra.
    Sandra was not gone an hour, when Tandra called and said she was on her way over. I had some work to do, so I told her that I would leave the front door unlocked and that she could simply let herself in.
    Tandra called out my name when she arrived to let me know she was present.
    “I’m in the office,” I yelled back.
    Tandra appeared in the open doorway to my office. She was stylishly and comfortably dressed in gym shorts and her trade-marked, two-sizes-too small- form-fitting t-shirt that showed off her best assets. She hand-brushed her long blonde hair back over her shoulder and said she was heading out to the pool. She asked if I would like to join her.
    I politely declined.
    About an hour or two passed and I decided to check on my sister-in-law. To my surprise, I found her laying totally naked, on her stomach, on a chaise lounge, poolside. I stood in the dining room, looking through the sliding glass doors for quite a few minutes, simply mesmerized by her beauty. Oh, Lord.
    I retreated to my study, feeling guilty and ashamed of myself for lusting after my wife’s younger sister. This simply was not me. I tried to refocus on my work, but it was difficult.
    I movement caught my eye and I realized that Tandra had come in the house.
    “What’s up?” I asked from my study.
    “I had to pee,” Tandra declared. I listened as she made her way into the guest bathroom and closed the door, which I found a bit unusual given her blazon show of nudity at the pool. I heard the toilet flush and the door open.
    “Do you still want some accompaniment at the pool?” I asked.
    Tandra appeared in the doorway to my study, sporting her itty-bitty bikini that barely covered the important parts.
    “Sure,” Tandra replied, “I was wondering if you were going to simply ignore me all day.”
    I reassured Tandra that I was not intentionally ignoring her.
    I slipped into the bedroom as she headed back to the pool. I changed into my swimsuit and headed out to the pool.
    I pulled a chaise lounge up next ...