1. Scuba Looza boy

    Date: 1/24/2023, Categories: First Time Author: bymydeepsix, Source: Literotica

    My name is Robbie, I'm tall and lanky, awkward even, curly brown hair usually too long, and up to last weekend, a College sophomore virgin. I guess when you are single, meeting a woman is double hard, and the fact that I was a poor, scruffy underclassman was not helping.
    I was getting stressed at school, so when a saw a weekend scuba trip to a nearby quarry, I signed up.
    Saturday morning, the bus dropped us off at the Quarry's dive shop, I grabbed my rental wet suit, fins and other gear and we headed for the showers to change. There was a bank of 10 doors in the cinder block building on the "Men's" side, and the same behind them for women. The showers were tiny shower/toilet/sink rooms, barely large enough for two, but room enough to change. There was one door on the end slightly ajar, so I pushed my way in.
    "Get in here and shut that door!" I heard a man's voice. My eyes were adjusting to the interior light but I reflexively obeyed, turning to lock the door behind me. When I turned around I saw this naked guy, his cock deep in a bent-over woman facing away from me, she was holding onto the shower wall for dear life. Her wet suit was unzipped past her ass, and she was moaning with pleasure: "Fuck me! I need your cock in me! Fuck! Fuck!"
    The guy resumed pounding her, grunted and I guess he came, when I heard a banging on the door and some guy yelling "Sandy? Sandy, are you in there?" The woman whispered "Shit, it's my husband!" and then semi-stood up and looked over my way, noticing I was there for the first time.
    "Who the fuck is he?" she whispered to the guy still balls deep in her dripping cunt. He pulled out and zipped up her wet suit, kissed her, smiled and said "Trust me." He reached up and unlocked one of the narrow frosted windows over the shower, and boosted her up. She was shapely, with big tits stuffed into her wet suit, swimmer's body, blonde hair. She looked around to see if it was clear, whispered "See you later, stud." and shimmied herself out the window, lowering herself down and I heard sounds of footsteps running away.
    The nude guy was tall, muscled, but he didn't move to get dressed or cover up. Totally laid back for a guy that just nailed a married woman who's husband was right outside the door. He looked very relaxed, and then smiled at me, saying: "Open the door, bud?" so I, still a little stunned, unlocked the door and cracked it open. The guy outside pushed it open and asked "Sandy? Are you in there?" I heard a voice behind me say "No Sandy here, but you can come it." Looking over my shoulder, Sandy's pursuer made a disgusted face, them looked and me and shook his head, moving backward until he turned and left.
    I shut and locked the door, and turned to see the guy was still nude, then I noticed his semi-hard cock was wet and dripping cum onto the floor. I looked at his face in horror. He grinned and said "Hi, I'm Tony" extending his hand to shake.
    I was still dumbfounded, it must have been visible in ...