1. Wearing Mom's Panties

    Date: 1/24/2023, Categories: Incest / Taboo Author: byfasthand, Source: Literotica

    Carol was at work one day when she got a call from her son's school. She answered the phone politely and identified herself.
    "Miss Johnson, this is Sue Weeks, the guidance counselor. Can you come in this afternoon after school? This is in regards to your son, Jeff."
    Carol went to immediate concern. "Is he ok? Has something happened?"
    Sue answered, "Oh, no, nothing dangerous or he's been harmed. We just had something pop up today that I wish to speak to you about. Is this afternoon ok with you?"
    Carol replied, "Sure, I can do that. I get off at 4pm, is that too late?"
    "Sure, that's fine," said Sue. "See you after 4."
    Carol hung up the phone and a million thoughts ran through her head about the phone call. Jeff was a senior, graduating in just a few short days and was accepted at the local community college. She assumed it might be some paperwork issue that needed to be addressed for college or something. Otherwise Sue would've asked her to come in immediately Carol reasoned.
    Eventually 4pm rolled around and Carol left work and arrived at the school just a few minutes later as it was nearby. She knew her way to the guidance counselor's office as she'd been going to PTA meetings there for several years now.
    Sue's office door was open and she was standing by the door, watching for Carol's arrival. "Please come in, won't you?" said Sue.
    Carol walked in and took the chair in front of Sue's desk. She noticed Sue closing the door, she assumed for privacy.
    Sue began, "This is somewhat delicate. I'll try to be as tactful as I can given the circumstances."
    "Go ahead, just give it to me straight", said Carol.
    "Ok", said Sue. "It seems Jeff was in the boy's locker room in the gym this afternoon, having finished his exams for the day. Other boys were in there as well, they also having finished their exams too. The school allows them to shoot basketball or just hang out in the gym until school is dismissed provided their exams are done for the day.
    "Boys being boys, there was some horseplay going on and Jeff was 'depantsed", as they call it. Someone grabbed the waistband of his pants and yanked them down. Unfortunately, it was discovered that Jeff was wearing women's panties under his school pants. Needless to say, he was completely embarrassed by the circumstances."
    Carol's mind simply reeled. "Wearing women's panties? Where did he get them? I've never seen them in his laundry basket or when I put his clothes away!" she thought.
    Sue continued. "The gym teacher heard the commotion and checked it out. The other couple of boys told him what happened and the gym teacher sent Jeff to me rather than the principal as it wasn't really a discipline issue."
    Carol asked quietly, "What did Jeff have to say?"
    Sue matched Carol's quietness. "I asked Jeff about it and of course he couldn't deny it as the other boys saw them. He was embarrassed, as one could expect. I tried to be as kind to him as I could, knowing how teenage ...