1. Three Strikes

    Date: 1/24/2023, Categories: Wife / MILF Author: byrichardbedfordwhite, Source: Literotica

    Strike one happened on a cool October night our Junior year in college. We were students at UW in Madison, Wisconsin. Fraternities and Sororities dominated the social life on campus and that night was no exception. My frat was having a booze heavy dance/petting session in the basement of the house. I had been on an assignment to help bring in another keg of beer from the cooler and get it set up. By the time I got back to Sara she had been unattended for at least twenty minutes but had been happily chatting with her Theta sisters when I left.
    Perhaps I should say a few things about us before getting into the nitty gritty of the story. My name is Jason Edwards. I come from Oak Park Illinois and I was a moderately successful Track and Field athlete and student. Sara is from Evanston Illinois. Her parents are both Northwestern Professors so she has always been comfortable in the Collegiate athletic and scholastic environment.
    I first saw her in line before me at Freshman orientation September, two years before. She was 5'4", fresh scrubbed girl next door like features with flaming red hair and the most perfectly proportioned body I had ever seen on an 18 year old. She laughed nicely at my corny jokes and sort of clumsy introduction and we ended up having a coke in the Union and making a date for the next night.
    Orientation week was sort of a blur and then it was right into Rush. We both came from Alumni families and were just sort of carried away into our parents legacy Greek Organizations, Sigma Chi and Sorority Delta Gamma. Through the frantic pace of pledging Greek and the start of classes we somehow managed to date half a dozen times and were getting quite cozy. By late Fall we were still at the heavy kissing and roaming hands stage but if there had been just a little more privacy, I felt confident that we would be moving around the bases soon.
    With Thanksgiving at hand a few more opportunities were going to present themselves in our Chicago suburban homes. Thanksgiving Day itself was all family, dinner and football but Friday looked promising. We had made a date for that night and I had the directions to her house. I was just about to leave for the date when we got word that my Grandfather had been taken to the hospital and I was asked to come with my folks to check on him. I therefore reluctantly called Sara and told her I had to cancel and why. We set another date for Saturday afternoon and she told me she would be going out Friday night with some High School friends instead of me.
    When we got to the hospital we had to wait in the visitors area for an hour before a nurse came out and told us that Gramps had just had a very minor cardiac issue and was only going to be kept for observation over night. The group of us were told to go home as only Grandma and my Dad were going to be allowed in. Now with nothing to do, I headed up to Evanston to surprise Sara. When I rang to doorbell a woman I took to be her mother answered and I ...