1. The neighbours party

    Date: 1/24/2023, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Masturbation / Toys Written by Women Author: ellen7, Source: sexstories.com

    “Those bloody neighbours are having a party again” my mum sighed, I smiled at her,
    “Come on, there not that loud”
    “Oh please, Alexis they so are, they always have them in their yard instead of the patio, and the music echos all through the valley” I copied my mother and let out a sigh, she was right. The neighbours had a lot of parties which was annoying at first but then I learnt to just put my earphones in and turn my music up to block out theirs and I didn’t care anymore. What I did care about was my mum and dad complaining about it all the time.
    “Why do you and dad go out for dinner then? So you don’t have to put up with the noise” My mother’s expression brightened.
    “That’s a great idea! I’ll go tell him to get ready, are you going to come?” I shook my head, I didn’t feel like getting dressed out of my comfy clothes, and it would be good to have some alone time away from my parents.
    “No I will stay here” My mum smiled and nodded before walking up the hall to her room, I went back to my room and 15 minutes later I hear her and dad yell in unison “Bye honey” I said goodbye back them glanced at myself in the full body mirror in my room, my hair looked like a rats nest. I gave it a quick brush then looked over myself. I have dark blond curly hair that flows down my back and stops at the two dimples I have on my lower back, I have a pretty good figure, something I was rather proud of, as I go for jogs every morning. My legs are long and lean, my tummy flat, my butt is perky and cute, just like my tits, that are a C cup. I have heart shaped pink lips and big clear blue eyes.
    I stopped looking at my reflection and looked at the massive window that nearly took up my entire wall. I hope they don’t have karaoke tonight.
    “Koady! Come on we are going” my dad yelled at me as he walked to the door, I groaned. My parents were making me go to a stupid party; I have never like proper teenage parties let alone the parties my parents go to, which basically consisted of old people drinking, dancing and singing karaoke. I would have stayed home if I could, but it was my Uncle Dave’s party, the uncle I haven’t seen in 3 years, so I had to go.
    My name is Koady by the way; I’m 17 years old and am in my last year of school, I used to play guitar in a band until my family moved me away to this town. I hadn’t had my first day of school here yet and seriously wasn’t looking forward to it, guys were usually dicks to me and girls got all clingy and needy around me, which was stupid because I paid no attention to them they only really want me for my looks. I’m tall at 6’2 and have a slightly muscular frame and wide shoulders, I have shaggy dark brown hair, clear slightly tanned skin, straight teeth, straight nose and hazel eyes. One thing I was pretty proud of is the size of my dick, it’s a little bit bigger than 7 inches, sure it’s not a monster cock, but its not tiny either, in fact I think it is the perfect size to please ...