1. Angie was a Size Queen

    Date: 1/24/2023, Categories: Fetish Author: byTooSmallDave, Source: Literotica

    A Small Penis Story With A Happy Ending
    While I have changed the names and applied a little literary license this is a true story. Everything that you are about to read happened to me some thirty years ago when British pubs still closed at 11pm and pornography was magazines and VHS videos.
    Part One: Humiliation
    My girlfriend Angie was a size queen. Why she went out with me I don't know. When I got off with her I wasn't really aware just how small my penis is. I was young and horny and confident and my libido made me unself-conscious.
    My dick is 3 inches long when it's fully erect.
    It didn't seem to matter to her much at first.
    I was cute, in my mid twenties and cool. Angie was 31. She was very experienced, sexually. Much more than me. She told me very exciting stories about her sexual history which I found arousing.
    She had a good job and her own flat in north London. I had a shit job and an illegal sublet room in a council flat. We dated, fell in love, spent nights and days in bed in her tiny attic flat and when my landlord kicked me out I moved in with Angie.
    It wasn't long before she became frustrated and cross about our sex life. She didn't mince her words. She was very clear with me that I came too quickly, that I was boring in bed, that my penis was small.
    I said it was average, probably and she sneered at me. She said that I had the smallest dick she'd ever seen.
    "You might be average. Maybe I've been very lucky then but I don't think so. I've seen a lot of dicks and they've all been a lot bigger. A lot bigger."
    She said that I was too small for any woman but especially her as she had always been proud of her capacity and liking for very large dicks.
    My younger brother Mike has a very big dick. It was no secret. His girlfriend Dee boasted about it. All the time. She would show off about how often he fucks her and that she always cums when he fucks her.
    This would wind Angie up and then she would take her anger out on me.
    The two women got on okay but were quite competitive and Angie bitched about Dee to me when we were at home
    Despite that the four of us were close. We lived in the same part of the city and would go out to the pub, go to gigs, go to one another's homes, eat and drink and crash out. We went to the beach together and to swimming pools and we went on holiday together, camping usually. We shared hotel rooms a few times.
    We were young and we liked to party. We hung out with a tight knit group of friends. We'd all get drunk and dance together, go skinny dipping in the sea or the pool.
    So we'd all seen one another naked.
    They'd all seen my dick.
    Angie used to joke that she had got off with the wrong brother. When she was drunk she would ask Dee if she could borrow Mike for the night. Or she would suggest going back for a foursome and swapping brothers. It never happened.
    Dee was very jealous and possessive to the point of obsessiveness. Mike often ...