1. Angie was a Size Queen

    Date: 1/24/2023, Categories: Fetish Author: byTooSmallDave, Source: Literotica

    ... caught the eye of girls and got chatted up when we were out. He's one of those guys who seems to be able to make women want to shag him without saying a word. Dee would always pull him away from girls and keep him on a short leash.
    Angie made sure she next to him whenever she could and I'd often catch her leaning forward so he could see down her top and letting him touch her legs when Dee wasn't looking.
    My brother was quiet but he clearly enjoyed the attention.
    He and I never talked about any of this.
    At night Angie would take her frustration out by teasing me when we were in bed. She said she couldn't feel my dick inside her when we had sex. She would often compare me to my brother. When I went down on her and she was cumming she would say stuff about being fucked by my brother.
    One year, for Angie's birthday we all went to the pub. Dee and Mike and about twenty of our friends were there.
    Everyone drank lots. This was back when all pubs closed at 11 so we had already planned to go to a night club afterwards.
    We were very drunk as we piled out of the pub and tried to hail cabs to take us to the club. It was confusing and some people jumped in cabs and shot off while others wandered down to a chip shop where there was a taxi rank. I was very drunk. Dee got into a cab with a load of girls, she couldn't see Mike and before she could get out to look for him another friend jumped in so the cab driver drove off.
    As I was getting into another cab I saw Angie and my brother slope off down the road. They were holding hands. I chased after them. They ran. I caught them up because they had stopped to kiss against a tree. It looked like they were going to fuck there. I interrupted them. Angie said it was her birthday and her birthday treat was getting fucked by my brother. She said i could come if I wanted to. I begged them not to. They ignored me. We walked through the streets to our flat. They kept stopping to kiss. I sulked and crossed the road. I wandered off, unsure what to do. Eventually I decided I was being immature and possessive. I should let them fuck. I found my way to the flat.
    Angie and Mike were already there. I told them I didn't mind them fucking. I apologized for my behaviour. Angie said it didn't matter whether I minded or not because they were going to do it anyway. Mike gave me a large whisky and they kissed and began to make love on the sofa. I was already very drunk. I went to the toilet.
    When I got back Angie told me if I was going to be there I should make myself useful and join in. Having two brothers was a proper birthday present, she joked. So I kissed her and we all got undressed. I sucked her tits while my brother kissed her on the lips and fingered her pussy. She wrapped her hands round his very large erect dick.
    We changed positions and I went down on her while she sucked his dick.
    I kept losing my erection and desperately rubbing myself to get a hard on. Angie noticed and laughed. She ...