1. Jen Finds "Jeopardy" & Herself Ch. 04

    Date: 1/25/2023, Categories: Lesbian Author: bybarry240646, Source: Literotica

    This story follows on from where Jen, a 19 year old student new at University after a gap year, and looking to find somewhere to watch "Jeopardy" in quiet - finds herself unwittingly in a lesbian bar, and meets a 27 year-old nurse. After the first sex-filled night of her life, she spends a second with Christine and learns intriguing details about Christine's mother. As a result Jen finds herself invited to a lesbian orgy. This story, and final chapter, picks up after that party.
    The day after the party was very relaxed. Sue was downstairs when Jen and Christine went down for breakfast. Later, Sue dressed and Gloria pulled up to the front door with a crunching of gravel. Sue kissed the other two goodbye and left. That was when Sandra decided to show herself, wearing a robe and still wet from having leapt out of bed into the pool, literally.
    As Christine was not working until Monday night, they drove to Christine's place, and Christine dropped Jen at her lecture theatre Monday morning, having spent the night. After being naked all that time at Sandra's it was inevitable that they now expected to be naked whenever alone in their own rooms.
    And so life settled down through October and November, with Jen maintaining her Uni schedule religiously. Fridays they went out for dinner or dancing at the club, and alternated where they would stay for Friday and Saturday nights. Sometimes they ordered a takeout and went nowhere. They even had a couple of weekends at Sandra's, although they kept to themselves when it came to sex. Jen did enjoy the swimming and tried to get a few lengths in each time they went. It was a comfortable and settled arrangement, at least until they got to December. Four nights of work for each of them, followed by three nights of love and sex.
    Then, two different issues came up. On a Friday night early in December, Christine pulled up at the Chinese restaurant in her car, looking quite excited.
    "What's got into you?" asked Jen.
    "Two nurses at work are giving up a two-bed flat at the end of December. One's getting married and the other is moving to a different hospital and wants to be nearer there. They have said we can see it tonight, and if we want it, they can phone the landlord, hand in their notice and get him to assign the flat to us. That's how they got it from two other nurses, earlier."
    Jen looked at Christine's happy and expectant face. "You're prepared to live me? To put up with my moods when my study isn't going well? You're ready for that much commitment?"
    Christine laughed. "Isn't that what love is about? Plus, your study nights I am at work, so you'll be asleep and over your mood by the time I get home, and I can sleep in peace while you are in class."
    "It also brings up the Christmas Holidays. Mum and Dad will expect me for Christmas itself, and Sandra will expect you, the same way. I was going to come back for New Year, but if I have to tell my parents that I am moving in with you, then I am ...