1. Fantasy Gets Real In Real Estate Chapter 4

    Date: 1/25/2023, Categories: Swingers, Author: Sculpther, Source: LushStories

    Northern Nevada is a great place to live. Not that the Pacific Northwest is less, by any manner of speaking, but since I am in the electronics business and working with Software, and this has become the second Silicone Valley, it was the natural place for me to hang my hat, and here it hangs, at least for the moment.
    My life has involved quite a bit more travel than I like of late, and my routes back and forth across the country and from top to bottom would resemble a spider’s web if you were to draw them on a map.
    However, I find myself here, in Reno, once again. Extra time on my hands led me to restart a previous photography endeavor just to give my creative juices an outlet. The money was not bad either.
    What I did not realize at the time was that the endeavor would give more than just my creative juices a workout when Kristen once again came on the scene.
    In Chapter 3, if you recall, my last act was a vow not to make Kristen wait that long ever again, and while it has been a while, I am happy to report that it was not entirely my fault.
    We had passed like ships in the night several times, each of us being in the same area but unable to connect for whatever reason.
    The last two times my phone had rung that morning, I had missed picking it up. Since there had been no message left, 'Telemarketers,' had been my initial thought, then it rang again, so I answered intending to do away with them immediately.
    "Stan James,” I said in my best business tone.
    "Hello, is this Intimate Moments Photography?" Said the male voice on the other end.
    "Yes," I replied, "Stan James, speaking, can I help you?"
    "Oh good," he replied, "I thought I had been given a wrong number because of your answering message, but I double-checked and decided to try one last time, I am glad I reached you."
    "This is just a sideline for me," I said, "something I enjoy doing but not my main focus."
    "My wife and I heard of your work from Jim and Sandy McCallister and would like to use your services. Are you available to meet and talk this Friday evening?" He said.
    "I suppose so,” I answered. "What is there to talk about? If you know Jim and Sandy, then you are aware of my stock in trade, so to speak."
    "Yes, we are, but what we want is kind of involved, and we have some friends who would like to meet you as well, so a meeting first would be more appropriate, then, if our proposition appeals to you, perhaps we can move ahead."
    He had finished speaking and waited quietly for a reply.
    I must admit, he had piqued my curiosity with his mention of the words ‘proposition' and ‘friends' what exactly he had in mind was a mystery. 'What the hell, I did not have anything else going Friday night.'
    "Where and what time?" I asked
    He gave me the address and name of a local nightclub that I had not heard of before.
    "Very well,” I said. "How will I know you?"
    "Jim and Sandy will be there, so just look for them," He replied. "See you Friday ...