1. Sisters By The Pool Part 17 (Series Finale)

    Date: 1/26/2023, Categories: Diary , Anal Bisexual Oral Sex / Blowjob Cheating Consensual Sex Straight Sex Group Sex Hardcore, Romance / Love Stories Teen Spanking Author: TripleAcesHigh, Source: sexstories.com

    [To my faithful readers - I have decided that the time has come to wrap up this series. My long breaks have mostly been because of my struggles with ideas, and the pressure to continue the story. I need to finish things in the only way I know how. I may end up writing future bonus chapters to this series, but I want the continuation to be done. I know some may not like how I've chosen to end things, but think of it like those games you play online, or those choose your path books you read. I never thought that my first story I ever wrote would earn almost 700k reads, and turn into a half decade long series with nearly 3 million reads. Thank you for giving me this platform to share fantasies, and I hope you have enjoyed reading as much as I've enjoyed writing. There will be more.]
    "Oh my god" I whispered as the last of Hailey's contractions gripped my cock. She looked back at me, a bit glazed from the orgasm, but with a look of fear I hadn't often seen. A few seconds after the door opened, steps could be heard, and it was obvious it was not a burglar, but Danielle coming back to check on things.
    Hailey looked panic stricken, and I knew it was up to me to think of something. Going out the second story window wasn't feasible. The closet could be opened up in a second. There wasn't a great option, but I quickly slid out from Hailey's depths, rolled off the side of the bed, and crawled underneath it. The carpet scratched my bare back as I slid into the middle of the underside of the bed. I did my best to place objects on either side of me, in case Danielle looked underneath. I tried to steady my breathing, and I could hear Hailey quickly ruffle the covers and get comfortable.
    Seconds later, Hailey's door creaked open, and I could see Danielle's feet step tentatively into the room. She stood still, turning in a couple of directions, and then walked to Hailey's closet. The door squealed lightly as she opened it, and it was enough to "wake" Hailey.
    "Fuck!" Hailey shrieked. "Danielle? Is that you? What the hell are you doing?"
    "Sorry to scare you sis" Danielle responded, trying to play things off. "How are you feeling?" I watched as her feet came closer to the bed.
    "I'm...alright" Hailey responded, coughing between her words. "Why are you here? What is going on?"
    "I, uh, didn't feel very good. I must have caught what you have" Danielle explained. Then she coughed too. She wasn't as good a liar as Hailey.
    "Well go sleep then" Hailey said, a bit sharply. "What are you doing in here?"
    "I'm just making sure everything is on the up and up" Danielle responded, and I saw her feet shift again as she walked across the room to her window, presumably taking a glance outside. Then I almost felt my heart get up and leave my chest when a knee hit the floor.
    "DANIELLE" Hailey shrieked, as her sister dropped to a knee by her bed. "Seriously, what the fuck are you doing? Do you really think I'm so interested in Chris that I faked the flu and ...