1. Love/life sex story of me: The Complete Third Season

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    The usual rambling girl storytelling cominatcha!
    Ok here's MY disconnected privilege para. During shelter-at-home I meant to get online and chat more, but I've been occupied. Also I've been hearing about how my favorite hoes aren't able to "work from home" like they should because of an online service called OnlyFans (I think?) where every sexually repressed 3-6 is able to chat online and videochat for $. Everybody being locked in is good for business, maybe my online chatters wouldn't be available anyway. But that got me thinking, not that I need to do that because I'm set, but I should Duo J during this or something for some naughtyness... But peoples' issues got me doing math too, and after buying my house and investing the rest as Mark demanded, at my set up quarterly dividend rate of 5% every 3 months, I'm making like $12,000 a month! That's minimum, and $144,000+ a year for doing nothing. That's Hillary-level $ breh. I'm probably way off and the market crash I'm hearing about means I'm making nothing rn, but it's stress relieving to know that was hopefully close to how it was before all this. But I'm not an accountant obviously. Basically I got a credit card, where as I understand it the place I'm invested with pays for my purchases with cash or credit themselves, then liquidate low-level stocks to cover that at some point. There isn't a place I can check my net worth, I'd have to request a statement. They explained it during that first investment meeting but I'm ballparking it in my head now for my own sense of wellbeing. Also I'm def hiring a live-in sexy warrior/chef/butler after all this. I'm working on the ad bits at a time here and there for when things are back to normal. (My stock value did indeed drop from what I was told when I called to inquire, but it's renewable and I just have to wait awhile for it to rebound, and 1/5th was in a "money market" which is non-fluctuating so I have it to support me in the meantime)
    I've been checking in on the people I care about during the cataclysm. My mom's fine, she owns her own essential business and is doing the reduced hours for employees ect thing everyone else is, making less $ but still staying ahead. My boys are fine, schooling from home and their parents are still working, nobody's sick. I told them to stay safe, and if they're lonely... NOT to go online to onlyfans or whatever and pay to chat with girls who won't remember them. I'm here to supply them with naughty text, my huskiest voice and whatever other accompanying visual masturbatory aids their might need lol! But if they're caught they don't know me, I'm an E-girl! My friend Holly is good, her business is always essential, even though the cops wouldn't agree during the best of times ;), Dillan still working at reduced hours making sandwiches, now doing delivery and still living at his mom's. She's ok too, still single... Gunguy lost his job and his work wasn't essential, he is staying with his parents. Idk what to say to ...