1. A Recruiting Visit to Remember Ch. 02

    Date: 1/29/2023, Categories: Gay Author: byTymak8, Source: Literotica

    Author Notes: Hey everyone! Thank you for your comments and criticism of my first story. Sorry about the low self-esteem disclaimer. Like everyone else, it has been a hard year and I found that writing has come to be a healthy outlet for me.
    Anyways, I wasn't planning on continuing this story but, after thinking and reading some of your suggestions, I believe there may be some things I want to explore with the characters. Anyways thank you again for reading my story and comments. If my first story was my peak, I can at least be proud it was a story I really enjoyed writing!
    Again all characters are 18+ and hope you enjoy.
    "This is RIP Nordi and welcome to station KTRY15 the HOME OF THE NIGHTHAWKS. Our 2020 season has been off to a rocking start. The team has started the season 2-0 because of the passing prowess of true freshman Tyler Mills. Along with stud Redshirt Junior running back Mason Fitzpatrick, the team is looking to make the leap as a national contender. Stud Freshman Tyler Mills has thrown 6 TD passes in his first two games and Mason Fitzpatrick has 2 rushing TDs while averaging 7.5 yards per carry. Unfortunately, as you all know, COVID has kept the fans out of the stadium and we have all been watching this evolution of the program from the comfort of our homes. I hope to see you all next year. Hopefully, our player's mental health is staying sharp and healthy while attending online classes and maintaining COVID protocol. Best to our boys and good luck to them against North Alabama State this week."
    "MR. MILLS! MR. MILLS! Are you asleep in my class?"
    Fuck, I did it again. "Yes, I mean no, Professor Noah, I'm right here." I readjust my camera hunched over.
    "I know you football players have a busy schedule but please try to pay attention in my class. Now, please answer my question about who you believe is one of the most influential figures in ancient history?"
    "Sorry professor. I believe the most important figure is.... Fucking Alex!"
    "Mr. Mills! Language in my class. Are you ok over there in your dorm? I know football players must attend class at study hall but I'll make an exception today."
    "Sorry professor, I'm just not feeling well. Weird stuff going on with me. Some idiot scout player hit me today in practice. So what I meant to say is Alexander the Great is the best because of Alex..." I'm moaning in what I'm trying to pass along as pain. "sorry professor I need to use the bathroom. Can I be excused?"
    "Fine, fine, I can't have the AD down my neck about not looking out for the QB. Good luck this weekend."
    "Thank you, professor."
    I quickly turn my camera off and mute my mic. "Fuck Morgan, I'm gonna nut!"
    After a couple of sloppy sucks, I bust in that mouth that's been sucking me all class. "Fuck baby you almost got me caught."
    "But aren't you glad I'm here? And why do you nut saying my last name? It's kinda weird, you know."
    "Maybe I just like the taboo of it. The coach's son, ...