1. The Fairy God Mother - Happy Halloween

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    The Fairy God Mother - Happy Halloween...
    My parents were going out of town. My Dad always starts his vacation the week before Halloween. They won't be back for a month. I didn't ask were they were going this year. I was just happy to have the house to myself. I had just graduated High School a few months back. I was still looking for a job. I was in no hurry to get started in finding one. I don't think my parents cared if I got a job or not. I went to bed late. Got up in the afternoon and was a slacker most of the day.
    I was just putting on a pair of shorts, and a t-shirt. It was almost 2pm. "Ding! Dong!" Someone was at the front door. I quickly walked down to open the front door. "Hello! Young man! Are your parents home?" said a very older woman. "No! There not here at the moment." I said. I quickly moved my eyes up and down. She was about 5ft 6 in her two inch very old fashion heels. She had white hose on her legs. A very long white skirt. She was wearing a big white fluffy sweater, that was stretched over her voluptuous chest. She stood there with her small hands on her wide hips. She was wearing no makeup, no lipstick and her nails were plain. "Oh! Your home alone. Well! I'm Mrs. Milla Bush. Nice to meet you. My family just moved in a few weeks ago. I was wondering....do you celebrate Halloween?" she said.
    My mouth was wide open. I was still checking out her body as she was talking to me. I could feel my cock getting harder in my cargo shorts. How in the hell, did I miss her and her family moving in next door. I needed to look out the window more. "Yes! We do celebrate Halloween. I give out the candy and check out the costumes." I said. She smiled. "Oh! That is nice. I do the same. My husband takes our two teen age daughters around trick or treating. I stay home and watch the house. Make sure no one is doing anything bad in the neighborhood. Hmm..speaking of bad. I found some cigarette butts next to our garbage cans. I was wondering if you knew who might be smoking between our houses?" she said. "No clue. That is weird." I said.
    "Well thank you, young man. Tell your parents I said hi. When you see them." she said. She turned to walk toward her house. I leaned out the front door to watch her large ass jiggle under her white skirt. Damn! I thought. She was fucking hot. To bad she was married. I spent the rest of the day watching TV. It was close to 3am when I went to bed. I opened my bedroom window before I pulled the sheets up.
    "Beep! Beep!" I heard something backing up in the driveway. I then heard the small wooden gate open next to the garage. Then the sounds of the trash cans. Must be the garbage man. Making a pick up. I rolled over to close my eyes. A few minutes later I rolled back toward the window. I thought I could smell smoke. What the fuck. I crawled over to look out my window. I looked down. The sun was in my eyes. I could see two girls smoking. They were standing next to the empty garbage cans. They were wearing two ...