1. Cocklust Ch. 34

    Date: 1/30/2023, Categories: Gay Author: briacon429, Source: LushStories

    “Holy shit,” were the first words out of Chad’s mouth. He looked down at the ring in my hands, then looked up at me. “Don’t you know how fucked up I am?”
    My heart sank. “Now wait a minute—”
    “I mean, look where I came from. Nobody in their right mind would want to sign up for that.”
    “I....” I gulped down a lump in my throat. “I don’t think you’re fucked up.”
    “Then I don’t know who you’re comparing me to.”
    I wasn’t sure how to respond to that. “I’m not comparing you to anyone.”
    “Don’t you get what I’m trying to say?” he asked. “I don’t deserve you, Scott.”
    “But....” My voice trailed off for a second. “Are you saying no?”
    Chad rolled his eyes. “I’m saying yes, you crazy ass. I just don’t know what you’re thinking.”
    I almost lost it right then. I felt like a huge weight had just lifted off my shoulders. I barely remember Chad reaching for the ring, and us sharing the most incredible kiss. The rest of the city seemed to disappear around us. It seemed like my whole universe was revolving around my man, as if he was all that mattered. All I could see was Chad’s face and the side of his beard. All I could feel were his lips against mine and his arms around my back. All I could hear, smell, and taste was his breath.
    When we eventually broke off our kiss, we realized our waitress was standing right beside us. The girl didn’t seem to know how to react. “O-oh hi,” Chad said.
    The waitress held up a pepper mill. “Did you guys... I mean, did you want anything for your soup?”
    “Uh....” Chad looked at me, then looked back at the waitress. “I’m good.”
    “Wait,” I said as I picked up the wine list. One of the Merlots looked familiar. “We’ll have a bottle of the Enorches.”
    “O-okay sure,” she said, and she awkwardly hurried away.
    Chad’s eyebrows went up. “Enorches?”
    “Remember when you got that for me?”
    “You mean our first New Year's?”
    “That’s not what I was thinking of,” I said. “When you were in D.C., taking care of your dad... remember our little reunion? You surprised me with that same wine.”
    “Oh... right. I did, didn’t I?”
    “Anyway, I thought now that we have a whole new reason to celebrate....”
    “Yeah,” he said, but his voice sounded unusually sad. He looked down at the ring, which was still lying in his hand; he hadn’t actually put it on.
    “What’s wrong?”
    “I dunno,” he said. “That just made me think of the shit with my dad... the guy who still can’t be bothered to say thank you, after all we went through for him. You know what the worst part is?”
    “When we have our wedding or whatever... I don’t know if he’ll even show up.”
    I didn’t know what to say to that. I just put my hand on Chad’s leg, and I looked right into his eyes.
    “Anyway,” he said, “I guess if he doesn’t give a shit about me... at least I’ve got someone else who does.” He paused for a second, then slid the ring on his finger. Finally he held up his newly-bejeweled hand. “How does it look?”
    “I-I....” My mouth was ...