1. Jessica Alba back at school.

    Date: 1/31/2023, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Anal Bestiality, Blackmail, BDSM Humiliation Non-consensual Sex Teen Author: Bear66, Source: sexstories.com

    It was a beautiful Friday morning when Jessica Alba pulled into the parking lot of Parkhurst Junior High School in California. She had been scheduled by her agent to speak to the schools ninth grade class about possible jobs for them in Hollywoods entertainment industry she parked her red sports car in the visitors lot. She got out of the car and a group of young men whistled appreciatively at her. She smiled looking herself over. She thought she looked very good in the clothes she had chosen.
    She was wearing a pair of black flat dress shoes , silky black thigh high nylon stockings , a short silky black skirt , a silky sheer white sleeveless collarless blouse her dark torso showing hazily through the material of the blouse. The young men out in the parking lot watched her with desire in their eyes. She entered the school and stopped at the office to check in and see where she was to speak to the students.
    The principal met with her and explained that she would be speaking to groups of fifty students in the schools study hall that held sixty people at a time. She would be alone with the students since no teachers could be spared and the principal and his staff were going to a district meeting. He led her to the hall and she saw it was set up with a stand to speak from at the front of the hall.
    He left her there and she walked down to stand behind the podium and prepared to speak to the students. As she prepared the hall slowly filled with thirty young men and twenty young women. She was finally ready when four attractive young women came down and encircled her. Two young ladies grabbed her wrists and a third stood behind her forcing an unusual gag into her mouth.
    It kept her mouth open with a hole in it for something to be pushed into her mouth. They pulled her down onto a platform on the stage and bound her spread eagled on it. One young woman brought a pair of scissors to her and began cutting her clothes off of her. When she was nude she brought out a jar of some kind of cream and rubbed it into Jessicas breasts around her aureoles and onto her pussy especially on her clit.
    Those areas quickly heated up making her aroused. Once they saw that she was ready she watched as the young men stripped their young cocks standing out hard and ready. She had been bound in such a way the men had full access to her anus , vagina , and of course her beautiful mouth. She soon had two young men filling her anus and pussy with their hard young cocks. One of the girls pulled up her skirt and climbed up straddling Jessicas face pushing her wet cunt down onto Jessicas mouth.
    She told her to start licking her pussy or she would hold her nose closed slowly suffocating Jessica. Jessica began licking the girls wet slit while one boy was plunging his hard cock rapidly into Jessicas pussy as the other young man filled her anal passage with his turgid penis. As they reached climax they filled her with cum as well as the girl filling her mouth with her ...