1. Matt and his sisters 2

    Date: 1/31/2023, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Anal Oral Sex / Blowjob Teen Author: adamcain, Source: sexstories.com

    Matt was the last to come down for breakfast on the Friday of the long weekend. When he’d sat down, their dad said. “OK kids, mum and I have decided to go away for a short holiday by ourselves this weekend. We’re leaving tonight after work,”
    The three of them glanced at each other and couldn’t hide their quiet joy.
    “Don’t get any ideas!” Their dad said sternly reading their minds. “No parties while we’re away! You can have a couple of friends over but that’s all, understand”
    “Yes dad” All three replied in unison.
    “So, we’re going to try and make the most of the weekend and we’ll be back late Monday”
    “How late dad?” Asked Matt.
    “Well, it’s a three hour drive and we want to just take it easy and stop for lunch and sightsee so I think maybe 6 or 7pm”
    “That sounds great dad, You and mum can relax and don’t worry, I’ll keep these two in line” Matt replied with a big grin.
    Maddie smacked Matt playfully on the arm. “More the other way round” She replied.
    “I’ll give you enough money to order dinner for the weekend so you don’t feel left out” Dad said.
    Matt’s head was spinning all day at school making plans for the weekend. Finally, they could have the whole house parent free without worrying about getting caught.
    When the girls got home after school, Matt quickly said “Meeting my room after you’ve got rid of your schoolbags.”
    “Can’t I change and shower first?” Kellie said with ….. eye’s.
    “No! Definitely not!” Matt responded.
    “OK” She sighed.
    When Maddie and Kellie joined Matt on his bed Maddie said “OK, so what’s the deal big brother?”
    “OK, mum will be home from work soon so we don’t have a lot of time.”
    “Time for what?” Kellie asked wearily, desperately wanting to shower, change into comfortable clothes and chill out on the phone to her friends.
    “You can ask questions after I’ve finished but don’t interrupt OK”
    “OK” The girls replied with quizzical looks on their faces.
    “Here’s the deal. Firstly, after I’ve told you my plans, just change into your comfy evening clothes OK, when mum and dad have left, we can start the plan”
    Matt urgently knew he had to try to explain the basics of his plan so they got the general idea before their mother got home.
    “I want us to spend the whole weekend naked and fucking any time and anywhere we want!” Matt blurted out.
    “Cool, I’m up for that!” Maddie replied enthusiastically.
    “I want it so we can just enjoy the freedom of not having parents around and we can touch each other whenever we want, not just when we’re having sex but y’know like if we’re making breakfast and we can do anything, be affectionate without anyone watching or judging”
    “I think I get this” Maddie replied with a beaming smile, “This weekend could be one big fuck fest!!”
    “More than that” Matt replied. “This could be a plan for our lives when we meet someone we want to marry or live together with. Like we’re teaching ourselves what we want from a partner in the safety of our own ...