1. The Perfect Opportunity

    Date: 1/31/2023, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Anal Drug, Voyeur / Exhibitionism First Time Group Sex Humiliation Teen Straight Sex Non-consensual Sex Rape / Violence / Cruelty Author: Ajars, Source: sexstories.com

    If you asked what I was in college for, I would of course answer “Marketing”. However, if you what I did in college, it was mostly partying. This isn’t a new or unique pass time for your average college Junior. It gets old, boring, dull even. Which is why I’ve been spicing up my party life since high school.
    I’m the guy you call on campus for a roofie, a key-code, or some chloroform. You want the hottest chick on campus, my sport is to have you fucking her within the week. I do all the dirty work, while you get dirty.
    Take last week. I get this text:
    Sophie Stevens, Freshman.
    1 day later
    Thursday, Campus Library, Markum Hall. It’ll be empty, she’ll be studying late. Venho me 200 for the supply.
    Boom. Just like that I have 200 dollars and Sophie is drugged and stuffed by the week’s end. While I run my business pretty tight, I enjoy my product as well. What’s the point if I can’t reap the benefits of my ever growing empire? Last week Lia was my product and I was my own consumer. I saw her walk through the campus grounds, meet up with a past customer and it took me mere minutes to get her dorm code. She was terrified, but a good girl once she had some angel dust shoved down her throat. Most guys don’t like the risk, they just knock the girls out or chloroform them. I like a bit of activity in my night. I make so many hits happen in a weekend my drug supply pays for itself and then some.
    Venho isn’t a typo either. It’s an off the grid campus pay app specifically for my business. Like I said, I’m in Marketing.
    But more college stories later. Today I’m in the mood to reminisce about my first forced fuck, because honestly, for many reasons, it’s still one of my favorites.
    Now mind you I’m not a professional back in the day. No drug connections, no cash apps, just a normal guy, invited to an end of year party that can see an opportunity presented to him.
    Meet Kira. My opportunity. She’s popular of course, but not in the slutty cheerleader kind of way, she’s just smoking hot and head of a shit ton of clubs, giving her an air of authority to match her bombshell body. Long wavy hair, tits that forever bulge in a mini dress, begging to spill out, and an ass the lets everyone know she works out on the weekends. That’s every hot chick in high school though, Kira’s allure comes from her quiet confidence, she doesn’t need to be the loudest one in the room, because she knows she’s the most important, and most sought after. Which means she plans on choosing who she fucks wisely, and Kira is a picky bitch.
    I’m on my first solo cup of god knows what when Kira walks in fashionably late. Her dress is a shimmery dark gold and compacts her body into a perfect hour glass. While the music and chatter continues eyes pass over her, and pants bulge as she smiles in her victim’s general direction. As she nears the punch bowl she victimizes me with her stare. A heart shaped face haloed in by perfect hair looks me over with a ...