1. Cassidy and I_(2)

    Date: 1/31/2023, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Masturbation / Toys Teen Author: Wait and see, Source: sexstories.com

    My mother died in a car accident when I was around six years old, my dad was devastated, but two years later he found someone else, she was a single mother, her daughter was seven when we met.
    Hello my name is Nathaniel but everyone just calls me Nate, I'm 18, I'm about 6'1" I have light brown hair with grey eyes. My step sister is Cassidy everyone calls her Cassi or Cass, she is 17, she's about 5'5" she has dark blonde hair with bright blue eyes.
    My dad and my step mother Lauren are going on a cruise for a week for their tenth anniversary and during that time I'll be looking after Cassidy.
    Before they were set to leave I was given a list of what i could and couldn't do during their time away, where everything should be, numbers to call, not to have any parties or girls over, you know, all the stuff parents do before they go out, given lots of hugs and kisses, they told Cassidy to do everything I told her because I was in charge. As they were leaving we waved goodbye, 'lets go inside and I'll order us some pizza and a movie' I said, she said 'sounds great' And we walked inside.
    After dinner we decided to watch another movie, and when that finished we both went to bed.
    The next morning I had to take care of my morning wood and shower so I got my towel and walked to the bathroom beside Cass' room. As I was passing I heard I small whimper, I stood there listening, and when I heard a load groan I decided to check it out.
    I threw the door open so forcefully that I'm surprised the door didn't come off its hinges. The moment the door opened was the moment that changed me forever. Cass was on the bed looking up at me with a shocked expression, while I was frozen. As I stood there dazed Cass started screaming at me 'GET THE FUCK OUT!'. I had never heard her use such language, I shook my head to clear it of the haze. When my vision cleared I followed the length of her arm down to her glistening pussy. My jaw nearly hit the floor and I'm sure a little bit of drool came out of my mouth. 'Wow' I breathed. She screamed again. 'Oh' I turn away. When the rustling of clothes has stopped I turn back around to see her face flushed with embarrassment, and desire I realise when I notice her staring at the tent in my shorts. Now it was my turn to blush.
    She had recovered and now she was pissed. 'What the hell? Why'd you just burst in without knocking?!' 'I ... I heard a noise and I thought you hurt yourself!, I was only trying to help. If I had of known you were doing... THAT, I would've never walked in!.'
    I left the room as fast as I could, and ducked into my room leaning against the door. The shower long forgotten as my cock begged for attention, I thought just once and I'll never do it again. So I fished my cock from my shorts, harder than its ever been before. As I stroked it felt better than when I've thought of other girls, I'd never been hornier, especially for my younger step sister.
    I lock the door and lay on my bed and start ...