1. I'm Gone!

    Date: 1/31/2023, Categories: Wife / MILF Author: bypietro108, Source: Literotica

    Hope you enjoy this story. First of mine in this category. Comments are welcome. Comments about how to improve my writing are especially welcome!
    I'm Gone!
    When I slowly came into consciousness, the first sense to overwhelm me was smell. Something smelt putrid! It smelt as if someone had vomited. My mind immediately went back to the time when our kids were young. They'd often crawl into bed with us feeling sick. Many times also, it was too late and they smelt of vomit. "Are you ok Jason?" I mumbled. "Give me a minute and I'll clean you up and get you settled."
    Next sense was sight. My eyes shot open and stared straight down to a carpeted floor. It was dark, but a small night light was enough for me to make out the wet gooey stain on the floor next to the bed I was in. That explained the smell! My head was over the side of the bed and I was still fully dressed, sprawled all over the quilt! I couldn't comprehend what I was seeing and smelling. My head was hurting from the constant regular pounding that my heart was inflicting on it. "Where the fuck am I?" I wondered.
    That's when my mind woke up. I looked around the room as I gingerly sat up, avoiding the mess on the carpet. The change of horizontal to vertical sent my head spinning and my stomach started to cramp. That dry, then cold sweat followed by pressure behind my chest was enough for me to know that I was about to vomit again. I stumbled around, finding the shower just in time as I emptied my stomach all over the shower cubicle floor. It took me a while to slowly turn on the shower to just sit under the re-energising flow of water, clothes and all. The clothes came off and the water became hotter. I washed and gathered my thoughts. Thankfully, that last purge of my stomach's contents seemed to settle it for a while and I felt more confident that it wasn't about to do it again any time soon. Dry and naked, I wandered around the room, obviously a motel room and quite a good one at that. I found my overnight bag and changed into clean clothes. The wet clothes, I wrung out as best I could and put them into the garbage liner that always travelled with Joan, my wife, whenever we travelled.
    "Joan!" I said aloud. "Where the fuck is Joan?"
    I remembered. I remembered that we had left home at 7:30 on Saturday night to go to Joan's annual work shindig. Actually, I left home then, alone. I knew that there may be some drinking happening, so I finished the leftovers in the fridge from two nights ago. They tasted slightly off, but I always prided myself in having an iron stomach, and besides, that's all there was to fill my stomach before I added alcohol! Joan had already come to the Marriot to start the drinking and partying before I got here. All of her office staff and work colleagues came together on a bus, straight after work. Her boss, Bill Hemmings, sort of insisted that it would be like that. It had been like that for all of the twenty years that Joan had worked for him. I usually ...