1. The Jock in My Sketchbook Ch. 03

    Date: 2/1/2023, Categories: Gay Author: byBirdragon25, Source: Literotica

    I did not expect this, is Jordan actually my neighbor?! A million thoughts raced through my mind, as my eyes glued to Jordan's IG story. I mean I know we were attending the same college, but now he is also my neighbor?!
    The first day of school on any campus is a pain to navigate, on top of the usual bad school traffic, there are people making wrong turns, and everybody seems to be circling in the parking lot. It took me a while, but at last, I found open space for parking on the 3rd floor of the parking structure.
    This was my last year of general education, and on my schedule, there were classes like introduction to anthropology, English 1B, and Introduction to Statistics. I did already go through a tour of the school during the summer after enrollment, so I found my classes pretty easily.
    When I entered my anthropology class I saw him, Jordan, sitting in the left row towards the back of the class. He looked better in person than in the photos he posted on Instagram. Since the last time I saw him, he differently put on some more muscles and looked more mature. Although he still kept the same hairstyle as he did back in middle school. The seat to his right was empty, so I seized the opportunity and took the seat to his right.
    "Hey, Nate! It's nice to see you again, how's it been man?" Jordan asked with a friendly smile. I don't know why, but Jordan's smile is the type of smile that made you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside, and I just cannot get enough of it.
    "Hi," I said sheepishly, fuck, I must sound terrible to him.
    The anthro professor announced the start of our class. After the announcement, the syllabus, and how the grading system worked, we got into the ice breaker part of the class.
    "Turn to the person to the left of you and ask them what their favorite sport, food, and TV shows are, additionally I would also suggest you guys exchange contact information with your peers, you guys are each other's greatest resource," the professor said, you can tell by the voice that he is super straight, the type of guy that will watch a football game on the weekends while drinking some beer.
    "Lol, it looks like I'm getting your number after all Nathaniel Norman" Jordan said, referring to the last time he asked for my phone number. I of course exchanged my phone number with him and saved him in my contacts. It's funny to me that Jordan pronounced "lol" like "lole" instead of "el-oh-el". I feel my lips involuntarily pointed upward, and I mirrored Jordan's smile.
    Oh wait! That's what's so lifeless about my sketches, there was no smile, how could I ever forget to include Jordan's smile in my sketchbook?!
    As I talked with Jordan, I started the discussion around food, since I figured that he posts a lot of food items on Instagram this would be a topic he would most likely be willing to talk about and not find boring.
    "My favorite food is actually Poke bowls" Jordan answered with an infectious smile on his face, although I don't ...