1. Our 20th Wedding Anniversary Ch. 02

    Date: 2/1/2023, Categories: Wife / MILF Author: byMrWankey, Source: Literotica

    I woke up to the sound of people talking and walking in the hall. I looked at the clock and it had only been 3 hours since Jack had left our room and Megan was sleeping. As I looked at her, I would swear there was a "satisfied" look about her and maybe even a slight grin as she laid there unaware to anything going on.
    It was a very warm morning which caused Megan to lay on top of all the bedding and not cover up. As my eyes looked over that luscious body, I recalled the evenings events and how we had finally fulfilled a fantasy I would have sworn would never happen.
    This woman knew the mere sight of her naked body would cause my hands to uncontrollably start wondering over it and my cock to stiffen with anticipation. She loves the fact that she has this power over me and knew I would do damn near anything she wanted. After all, I loved this woman more than life itself.
    As she lay there exposed, I began lightly running my fingers over her body. Running my fingers over her stomach and those wonderful 36C breasts, I could see and feel the dried cum from last night's escapade. I wasn't the one to shoot my load on her body but I wasn't too worried about touching it which surprised me. In fact, many times I had rubbed my own fresh cum all over her stomach, ass, pussy and breasts which was an incredible turn on for us both. I guess it just emphasizes the fact that I will do just about anything for this woman.
    Megan began to stir slightly so I kept moving my fingers along her body running them from her breasts down to her pussy. I would pause for a few brief seconds applying slight pressure to her clit knowing that she would soon wake. When she did, she simply grabbed my cock and began to lightly stroke it.
    "Hmm, someone is awfully hard and I am guessing horny this morning. Last night's activities must have been something you have wanted for quite some time," she said. Like she didn't already know that. She then asked if I had a favorite part of the evening. I didn't want to let on that I knew about the last love session they had so I simply told her the entire night was my dream come true and I still get to wake up next to her.
    "You better get over here and kiss me right now," she demanded. I rolled on top of her and began passionately kissing her. Our mouths locked and it was almost like our tongues were fighting each other. It had been a while since we had that much passion between us. Guess that is what 20 years and 4 kids will do to a couple. But now it was like we were completely new to this.
    I know just how much she loves the oral assault my mouth does to her pussy. I broke our kiss and began sliding down her body. I was kissing her neck then her tits, taking my time with each one, licking and sucking the nipples while listening to her heavy breathing. All the while my cock was poking at the entrance to her very aroused pussy. She started moving her hips trying to adjust and figured I was just going to drive it into her but ...