1. Fuck buddies Cody and Carl: part 1

    Date: 2/1/2023, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Gay Masturbation / Toys Teen Author: analboy5, Source: sexstories.com

    Hi my name's Carl. I was a black, 5'7 16 year old when the events of this story took place. My friend Cody, whose also black and about the same height as me, was 17. But we were both juniors in high school. None of us thought we would do any thing gay.
    It all started one time when Cody was over at my house for the weekend and everyone else was asleep. I used sleep over it house, so his siblings were always there. At my house we were alone. We were in the living room. We drank, so we were a little buzzed. Him more than me. I switched over to the porn channel, like I usually did when there was nothing interesting to watch. The tv was on silent. Obviously ;) We were having a conversation when we stopped talking and focused on the screen. The porn was pretty good. After about a minute I turned to look at Cody who was on another couch. And he was jerking off. This wasn't the first time a friend had jerked off in front of me so I didn't think much of it. I started to jerk off as well.
    After a while he turned to me and said, in a surprised way, " dude, are you jerking off? ". I resounded saying " fuck you, you're doing it to !" And we started talking about school and random stuff. Acting like nothing was happening. I started teasing him about being smaller than me. My cock was about 7 inches and his like 6. he then started teasing me about being gay for touching his dick awhile back. This is was the story: ( some of our friends used to play a joke were someone would hold his finger. Covering it like it was a penis. Cody did to me and I touched his penis assuming it was his finger. Lol. Friends never let me live it down.) At this point we had stopped jerking off but were both still hard. I started joking about how he owed me for that and how I'd make him touch my dick when he'd fall a sleep.
    He then made an annoyed face, got up came and touched my dick and then went back and sat on the other couch he was on. The room was silent for awhile. When I finally told him it wasn't fair. There needed to be some interest. I touched his dick by mistake he did it on purpose. " what do I have to do?" was his response. I pulled my pants all the way down to my ankles and then I told him to HOLD my dick for 5 seconds. Silence hit the room again. Cody finally broke the silence by saying "it stays between us". I said "cool". He moved on to the left side of the couch I was sitting on and held my cock with his left hand. Something then somehow possessed me to say "stroke it". He started jerking me off. It felt amazing having another hand jerk me off. I couldn't help it but buck my hips up and down and breath heavily. I proceeded to take his cock in my right hand and do the same. It felt really good touching his dick. It was so hot, hard and soft at the same time. The smelling of sex was in the room. We build a rhythm with our breaths. we couldn't look each other in the face but really weren't focused on the porn either. We both agreed to take our own dicks when we ...