1. Aquarius, bitch gets her day. C02

    Date: 2/2/2023, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Oral Sex / Blowjob Masturbation / Toys Lesbian Group Sex Author: Ekoos007, Source: sexstories.com

    Chapter 2
    The very next day Jack had Sam flown over to Germany. The first addition to his team of five (men). At the airport Jack gave Sam a bear hug which made old Sam feel very odd and turned his face beat red. “How are you buddy?” Jack asked, patting Sam on the back with a massive grin on his face, caused by pride mixed with happiness. “You are not going to believe your fucking ears dude!” Jack said grabbing a suitcase and starting off.
    “I’m fine thanks.” Said Sam looking at the back of Jack walking away in the glow of the ultramodern airport (and very clean). He grabbed his laptop and travel bag, swung them over the same shoulder grabbing his other remaining suitcase and followed Jack. “Wait!” He yelled.
    Jack entered a coffee shop. It was not brown, dark and cosy but sort of pink. Jack had a thought:
    Why so many women, this place doesn’t need any cleaning
    . Sam entered smacking his suitcase against the side of the door getting some nasty glances from the regular clientele. Sam joined Jack sitting down out of breath with some beats of sweat on his forehead. “You should start working out buddy.” Jack advised, reading a menu.
    “There is no point to working out.”
    “There is if you want to get some pussy.”
    “Can you maybe yell out that word?” Sam said making a frustrated face and turning red again.
    “Relax buddy this is Germany. Alles ist gut.”
    “Germany, how the hell does that make it any better, they will still castrate a stray man with such efficiency he will only notice it on his next birthday.”
    Jack laughed. “Good one.” Looking over to the group of women on his right acknowledging them with a smile which they repaid in kind.
    “Jack, stop that you are going to get us in trouble again.”
    “My dear friend if that is the case then I live for trouble.”
    “Can we get down to business, please?” Sam almost begged, he saw that glister in Jack’s eye noticing how the women were eying Jack too, the way they drank their coffee licked their lips. It had changed, it was charged, it was raw, it was sexy. He knew it was going to turn out all bad. Well good for Jack, then a crazy escape with a mob of beautiful women wanting to chop off the tall blond handsome man’s balls and just for good measure his friend’s balls too. Although sadly the poor old fella never got it out of his pants in the first place.
    “Okay, yes let’s get to business. I tell you the universe man is fucking awesome. It gives and it gives.” Jack said.
    Sam thought; ‘
    why would the universe reward Jack so much. He had it all the looks the mind and everything else his karma was not supposed to be good, he did bad things like have sex all the time. Yet he had the most amazing luck and still had his balls
    ’. “What are you thinking, Earth to Sam?” Jack asked.
    “Oh nothing, so what is this all about, I know it’s about the big metal box but how does this involve you and more importantly me, Jack?”
    “Well my very dear friend I am officially employed by the ...