1. Crossing the Forest

    Date: 2/2/2023, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Bestiality, Extreme, Hardcore, Masturbation / Toys Author: Explorer_Fant, Source: sexstories.com

    This evening I have woke up in forest with only ripped stockings, shoes and lather cuffs on. This is a result of betting that 35 aged blonde is able to cross the forest line in full moon night. I had understood that I had to go only two miles. That’s why I agreed to do it naked with hands cuffed behind my back.
    This place is familiar, so I know where to go. But I continue to lay on my belly with my hands behind my back. I have sense a nice wind goes from my legs to my shoulders. It`s so nice that I even feels like wind touches insides of my pussy. Sensation of been like this in night forest driving me on. I have a lot of fillings about it. Oh, looks like some insect goes up on inner side of my leg. This thing has lot of legs it tickling a little. Interesting, where do this thing goes then come to my pussy lips? Obvious that it is not able to spred my slit to get in do I may not be wary. I want that thing goes to my back. Tickling stops on edge of my lower lips… WHAT A F… My eyes widened. It`s get inside of me with no resistance as I was gaping for it. I bring my ass up trying to stand up. I can fill now some wriggling mass start to move fast inside of my cunt Looks like some forest crawlers find they way to get in me while I was sleeping this time. And now they try to abandon the pussy in panic. I feel than not all of them choose right direction. I stand up and start to jump. Yes that`s right. Some falls down some are walking by my legs down to the ground… a lot of them. I hope they not plan get back without my permission to. It was interesting sensation. Good thing that I was not scared it may fell horrible that way. HEY! Something start to vibrate in my cunt, it’s not a mechanism. I hope this thing have no sting. WHAT A… Big bug flew out of me. O boy. I have stretched. I have my pussy strached wide and now it`s gaping. Yes, I feel some couple of inch coil in me. It makes my pussy enter to be wide open. My cuffs don`t let me to take it out. We did not deal about such stuffing. I better go now. A have to stand my legs wider than usual. Coil inside my pussy made walking not as comfortable as at use to be. Walking naked at night forest becomes more excitable. To be such penetratable makes me dripping wet. After half an hour walking this way I have stand near the tree to take some rest. I have see a butterfly. It`s looks silvery in moon light. It flew to my left breast, still covered with some leafs from the ground. It had land on my left nipple. Now it goes down to my belly. It makes soft sensation. Another one came. Now them both marching on my pubic area. I can hear the owl. It`s peaceful here. NOT AGAIN. Butterflies go inside of my pussy while I have been distracted. Now the walking in me. I hope they will not try to show me what it feels like to have a butterfly in stomach. Ok, I have much time, so I sat down near the fallen tree and lay back on it. I spread my legs and bend it to make the way for butterflies. They can get out easy now. I ...