1. Seeing you again

    Date: 2/2/2023, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Cheating BDSM Gothic, Humiliation Straight Sex Romance / Love Stories Wife / MILF Written by Women Teen Author: kittykatty, Source: sexstories.com

    It had been years since I had seen my first love. We had met when I was sixteen almost seventeen and had fallen in love but Unforchantly it wasn’t meant to last, there was too much history between us and heart ache. I used to think history made us stronger but with us it seem to force us further away. We had been too similar, or that’s what everyone said. Nobody wanted us together, to me it didn’t matter. I loved him. But it never seemed to be enough for him. In the end I ran, I couldn’t just be whatever I was to him. I wanted more, I was worth more. I had a boyfriend at the time, Zak. He was perfect what a girl dreamed of, but he wasn’t Lewis.
    I love him of course I do. Who couldn’t? He had long light brown hair and brown eyes, he was shorter than me, broad and muscular. Zak had been 23 when we met while I was eighteen. He looked pretty much the same as he did back then, in a way we all do, just in different clothes. Lewis was only a little older than me, by a few mouths. He had brown eyes and dark brown flicky hair, with a beany he always wore. He was the same height as me, but small framed and hairy. While I had green eyes and long red and black hair still, something he had always liked about me, I was leggy with a big arse and big eyes.
    I looked up his Facebook surprised as to how much time had moved on, almost without us. It had been four years but I could remember us like it was yesterday. He now worked as a lead-mechanic in an indented guarded, still following his passion. I looked it up and was surprised it was in Brighton.
    The next day I found myself driving past the guarded, I cranked my head to see if I could spot him working on a car. Someone was working underneath a car. BEEP!! A car horn ran out but it was too late. When I turned my head, I found myself smashing into the back of a van. Shit! I swore. Closing and opening my eyes. I licked my lip tasting blood.
    “Mummy” cried Ronnie form car seat on the rear seats.
    “its okay sweetheart” I said calling back to him. I tried to fumble for my seat belt but found my hands shaky and unresponsive.
    Somebody pulled open my car door “are you okay?” asked a familiar voice. I looked up to see Lewis leaning on my car door, he looked just as I remember, stubble on his chin wearing a blue boiler suit tied around his waist a slipknot t-shirt underneath. Recognising struck his face. “Oh shit” he said, leaning over me to undo my seat belt. He took my hand pulling me from the car. His hand not letting go of mine.
    “Are you alright kitty?” Lewis asked his eyes looking down into mine.
    “I’m -“ I began but was cut off by my sons screams from the back seat. I let go of Lewis hand and slipped past him to the rear door. Undoing Ronnie’s seat belt and pulling him into my arms “sorry Ronnie, mummy was distracted” I said kissing his forehead. Lewis looked at me our eyes contacting. He looked almost stunned to see me with a child. I put Ronnie down, and he stood next to me. His eyes were ...