1. Angry Father

    Date: 2/2/2023, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Author: familyman1975, Source: sexstories.com

    Tim was a middle aged man who’s wife had left him and his daughter three years ago when his daughter was only 10 years old. She left because of his anger , it was explosive. They had always fought but one night he was especially angry and hit her. He immediately knew that he shouldn’t have done it but she packed a bag and left. He figured she would just be gone for the weekend but three years later he hasn’t heard a word from her.
    He raised Amy the best that he could by himself and she turned into what he thought was a great kid. She never argued, got good grades, and had no interest in boys which Tim liked. Also she was really helpful around the house, doing the dishes every night, helping pick up, and doing all the laundry.
    She was a skinny girl for being 13, she stood 5 feet 2 inches high and she was just beginning to fill out her bra. Her boobs were perky as they were only a B-cup but the fit her well. For how skinny and undeveloped she was she had a larger than expected ass. It plumped out but sat up nicely and was rock hard. Anytime she wore her yoga pants to the mall guys from age 10 to age 70 would almost break their necks turning their heads so fast to look at it when she walked by.
    She had gone away for the week for soccer camp and during this time the laundry had started to pile up. The day of her return her father decided that even though he didn’t do the laundry he would do a couple loads so that she didn’t come back to a lot of work. The first two loads went fine but as he was sorting the third one he uncovered a small green lacy sparkly thong. Tim had always been there when Amy bought cloths until recently when she started to go to the mall with her friends. He had very strict rules about what she could and couldn’t wear and she wasn’t allowed to wear thongs. The only underwear that Tim permitted was bikini style and frankly if he thought he could get away with making her wear boxers he would have, the less sexy her cloths were the better in his mind.
    Finding the thong sent him into a rage. How dare she disobey him like that! “Well if that’s what she wants to wear then that’s fine by me!” he said out loud to himself. He went to the living room and started watching T.V. waiting for her to get home. After about two hours the door swung open and Amy came in. “Hey honey how was camp?” he asked barely able to contain him angry.
    “It was good but I’m going to go shower now. I’ll come down after and tell you all about it”
    “Alright” Tim responded.
    About 20 minutes later Amy came down the stairs in her yoga pants and a tank top and sat next to her father. “Before you start,” Tim said “I found something I think belongs to you.”
    “Oh really?” Amy asked with a little surprise to her voice. “What is it?”
    Tim reached behind the pillow he was leaning against and pulled out his daughters green thong. Instantly the color drained from Amy’s face and a look of shock replaced the smile that was once on her face.
    “Dad I can ...