1. Opening the Marriage Ch. 07

    Date: 2/3/2023, Categories: Wife / MILF Author: byndeavour, Source: Literotica

    So we were going to go to a swinger's party. For the past twenty five years, I had only had one cock prior to the night with Al and Joanie. Don't get me wrong - I had more than that before I married Richie, but A) we took our vows pretty seriously, and B) we did our best to keep sex interesting. However, it had fallen into something we did occasionally. But after Al and Joanie left, I found myself constantly wet and horny. And I wasn't content to wish and hope Richie would do something about it -- I now not only knew what I wanted, but I wasn't shy about getting it! We spent that week before the party fucking and sucking all over the house!. I also spent a lot of time reading through all that Richie had written and posted on Literotica.
    At the same time, I discovered what appeared to be "books" written by women (or at least published under a woman's name) on Kindle -- the Amazon reading platform. And I found myself subscribing to author newsletters and grabbing every freebie they gave away. I was immersing myself in a world of people motivated by sex, and I was constantly wet. When Richie was home I was a raging cock slut, grabbing his dick whenever I felt like it -- and of course he never objected -- and sucking it or jerking him off or demanding that he fuck me silly. There was a lot of power there. Once I got him hard, I could get him to do anything I wanted. Of course, that was mostly just fucking me long and hard through multiple orgasms. Not that he objected of course!
    And when he was out of the house, I got naked, put porn up on the big screen and then played with myself. I'm somewhat embarrassed to say I raided the refrigerate and found a cucumber that seemed to be about the same size as Richie's cock, and I wound up using it like his cock. At first, the temperature difference was odd, but then I didn't care as I pressed a vibrator to my clit and fucked myself to a massive orgasm. Was it th size? The shape? The taboo nature of what I was doing? I talked about it with Joanie, who was, by virtue of our night together with our husbands, a confidant and friend.
    "A cucumber? That's hot. Personally I favor dildos -- I've got quite the collection, including one that Al was the model for -- but I've also heard that zucchini work. I mean, they have the shape, right?" she said over the phone later that day. We both stared laughing.
    "Do you think less of me because I'm such a slut?" I asked.
    "Karla, I'm regularly gang banged by four or more guys. In front of their wives. I've eaten out those very same wives at the same time. Girl, I've done some very depraved shit in my life and unless I don't enjoy it, I plan to do it again! Being a slut and being about it is a badge of honor in my eyes! In your husband's too, in case you forgot!"
    "Intellectually I know there's nothing wrong -- but it's like I have some voice in my head shaming me or something."
    "As Al would say, thank it for sharing! Listen to your body, not your mind!. If ...