1. Sold For Sex...A Females Fantasy!

    Date: 2/3/2023, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Black, BDSM Rape / Violence / Cruelty Hardcore, Written by Women Author: daydriver2010, Source: sexstories.com

    “Sold For Sex: A Female’s Fantasy”
    Tina was bored with the party, bored with her friends, and frankly, with her life. Her job was at a relative dead end and the men she dated were almost all classified in her own mind as losers or just nobody she could really fall for. She had no difficulty attracting lovers; she was attractive by anyone's standards. But when they left her apartment after a night of post-dinner sex, she was always relieved to see them go since their pitiful attempts to please her sexually only left her aching for more.
    "So who will it be tonight," she wondered, casting about the crowd for a likely bed partner. She was usually very horny, without a doubt and the suggestive art on the walls of this tacky Las Vegas apartment and two double shots of bourbon on an empty stomach had made her warm, very warm. The paintings and sketches showed every conceivable sex act and were characterized by extreme male dominance over the female partner. One painting, hanging in a dark corner, showed a woman firmly secured to a framework while one man invited another to take her from behind. Looking at it, she felt herself growing wet. Tina spun around as a sudden voice startled her.
    "You like that one, don't you?" The strange older guy said.
    "Yes," she admitted, somewhat reluctantly. "It sort of makes you...."
    "Horny?" he asked. Tina nodded, a bit embarrassed that he had noticed her fascination with the picture.
    "It's because they're taking exactly what they want and she's getting exactly what she needs," he said in a vaguely foreign accent. She looked at him more closely. He was tall, muscular, with dark hair and eyes. Without warning, he pulled her to him and kissed her hard, grasping her small ass cheeks and pulling her hips hard against his. She could feel the bulge of his partly stiff cock against her quivering belly. She started to protest his failure to even ask first, but his tongue forced its way between her lips and she decided she didn’t really care.
    "You need a master," he smiled, pulling away after the long and probing kiss, "someone who understands just what you need." He pushed her gently but firmly against the wall and cupped her right breast in his hands, kneading it, thumbing its large nipple and looking directly into her eyes as he did so. Tina felt almost faint with pleasure at what this stranger was doing so boldly. He lifted her short skirt, reached his big hand into her flimsy black panties and thrust his middle finger into her wet pussy. The very thought that someone might actually notice what they were doing in the corner of the room made his invasion of her body even more arousing for Tina. She knew she wanted this man.
    "You need to be taken," he continued, stroking her tiny, wet slit with one hand and squeezing her breast with the other. "You need to be used and disciplined and trained to please your master with your body. Don't you?" He then slipped three fingers into Tina's now dripping pussy. She ...