1. Welcum surprise visit

    Date: 2/3/2023, Categories: Gay Anal Fetish Author: MichelleSissy14, Source: xHamster

    Surprise Visit
    Working in my studio above my carriage house last week a voice came over the intercom “Miss Michelle can I come up it’s Jimmy” (jimmy is one of the teens that does some of my yard work Have posted a couple of stories about him and his friend).
    I buzzed him in and opened the door as he came up the steps. “Hi Jimmy what’s up” I asked. “Just wanted to see you” he said he was visibly nervous. I was wearing a red sweater dress and black tights and bra and started to walk back to my drawing boards. He closely followed. I was talking to him as I did asking how he was just small talk wondering why he stopped over,
    As I pulled out the chair he grabbed me spun me around pulled me to him and pressed his lips to mine. OMG this young (but legal) teen was kissing me (we have made out a few times before) I pushed away and looked him in the eyes and started to speak when he pushed me to the table and pulled up my dress. “Jimmy what are you doing” I asked. No reply just him getting on his knees and pulling down my tights. OMG he had my clitlit in his hand rubbing it then e took it in his mouth. Sucking, licking, sucking, licking, over and over I had my hands on his head as he sucked faster and faster. I started to leak as his soft young lips slide over my semi erect clitlit.
    My girly juices dripping out in his willing mouth some dripping out and running down his chin. Jimmy STOP I yelled. He pulled off my juices hanging from his chin in long strands. He looked up at me
    “FUCK ME” he yelled as he stood up and pressed his wet lips to mine. He took a few steps back kicking off his sneakers and undoing his jeans. WOW how cute I though seeing his cute pink panties, black garter belt and black stocking as he stepped out of his jeans. He took off his sweater reviling a red camisole. His teen cock was so hard pushing out his panties I reached for it and stroked it sliding the soft panties across it as I did.
    “Jimmy” you look adorable and pulled him close. Pressing my lips to his as his tongue slid in my mouth and he muttered again “FUCK ME” his hand under my dress my tights around my ankles he rubbed my little clitlit and I stocked his hard fat cock.
    Breaking from our kiss I took off my tights and took him by the hand leading him to the sofa. Gad he looked so fucking cute.
    “Jimmy” I said “you know I can not satisfy your with my clitlit” he acknowledged the fact as he stroked his erect hard cock.
    I stepped into the outer room for a few moments. As I walked back in his eyes lit up seeing that black strap on toy I had tight around my waist. Holding it with both hands inches from his face I slapped him across the face with it a few times. “Fucking slut you want this faggot” I yelled pressing it to his lips and he gladly took it in his mouth as deep as he could before he started to gag..
    I was so fucking turned on seeing this young boy suck the toy looking so cute dressed like a slut girl my clitlit dripping all the time my juice on ...