1. Karla’s Descent to Hell – The beginning – 2 of 3

    Date: 3/8/2023, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy BDSM Humiliation Lesbian Teen Masturbation / Toys Written by Women Author: GabyDom, Source: sexstories.com

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    I was completely naked and subjected to her will. The two of them spent a moment contemplating my beauty, my hair, my body, my face. And then Gabriela brought the knife to my pussy and I started to get scared! She was crazy! She put the tip of the knife at my shoulder and I felt the cold, cold steel. I wanted to leave, but I remember that for the first time I consciously obeyed her!
    “Do you want me to cut off you, bitch? I shook my head again Nooooooo. She took the knife across my belly and brought it up to my breasts. I felt the steel cold as ice the whole time. I began to tremble with fear: she will surely cut me off, I thought. With the fingers of one hand, she took my left nipple and, like a surgeon, she put the edge of the knife at the base and, strangely, my body betrayed me: my nipples were completely erect!
    I said in my weakest voice muttering, "No, please don't hurt me!" Suddenly, lightning fast, Gabriela put the knife to my throat and also muttered: “Your first two lessons. First, always answer me as Mistress Gabriela and Ginger as Mistress Ginger, understand?"
    She started swinging the knife like a violin bow across my throat. I was terrified but I didn't move an inch.
    “Second lesson, do you know why I’ll call you FuckSow, Karly? Men and unsophisticated dominatrix insult their slaves and call them FuckPigs, pigs, but pigs are males, they are only interested in their own pleasure, they only think about penetrating the Sows with their penises. Female Piglets and FuckSows are females, always ready to do what is expected of them: get caught and get pregnant! So you must always be receptive to our wishes and orders, FuckSow Karla! It is understood?"
    “Yes, Gabriela, yes", I said in a shaky voice.
    She brought the knife to my hair. "Karla, I noticed you have beautiful hair. a little bit below your shoulders... Do you want me to cut your amazing hair and leave it as if a donkey had bitten it, all uneven? Or do I directly shave it off to weave a wig for Ginger?"
    I said in my thinnest, shaky little voice: "No, please leave it as is, please!"
    "You said it", Gabriela replied. She put the knife before my eyes, I could see my fear reflected in it. "Look at it, Karla, take a good look, for the first time I´ll show you fear in a handful of dust!". She pointed the closet and ordered, “Now, prepare Karla for her transformation.”
    Instantly, Ginger looked at me and showed me her most sadistic smile. I was just shaking again for the first time showing my terror, shame and submission through my body. Ginger inspected my strings so that my body didn't scape the X and then she got into the closet. Gabriela just sat on the floor watching everything. Then after a few minutes Ginger came out of the closet transformed.
    In schoolgirl uniform, socks and shoes she looked awesome. In an instant I understood ...