1. It started with an itch.

    Date: 3/10/2023, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Teen Oral Sex / Blowjob First Time Gay Masturbation / Toys Author: Dolman69, Source: sexstories.com

    Two young lads who become very close friends after one helps the other with a problem which he didn't like to tell his parents about.
    David had just turned 14, he was 5 ft. 6 ins. tall and of slim build with well-defined muscles. He was pretty good looking with light brown hair and was a fairly popular fellow. This was particularly so as he was fairly bright, getting good grades in all subjects and was quite amenable to helping his close friends with their homework. He had gone into puberty early and now at 14 his voice had broken, he was shaving his upper lip and had grown patches of light brown hair in all the right places on his body. From his early years of playing childhood games of “doctor” and the like he had discovered that he was somewhat larger in the crotch department than most of his friends and he was secretly proud of this. From the same experiences he also knew that he was equally or more interested in boys anatomy than in girls. He disliked physical contact sports, especially those which involved getting covered in mud, but he excelled at swimming and tennis.
    David’s parents were pretty well off and owned a large house with extensive gardens at the front and rear. The rear garden had a large lawn with a goldfish pond, full size tennis court and a few apple trees. Beyond that, a tall hedge hid a garden shed, a double garage and a car port. It was David’s job to keep all the grass cut and for this his father paid him a modest sum. David enjoyed cutting the rear lawn especially since his father had purchased a ride on mower. The double garage had never seen a car (the front drive was far more convenient) but was home to the ride on mower, a table tennis table, snooker table, a couple of exercise machines and the usual pile of junk which collects in everyone’s garage. David’s parents had never raised any objection to him inviting his friends in to play tennis and this was undoubtedly another reason for his popularity. There was just one thing in David’s life which bugged him; he had an older sister.
    Joan, being 2 years senior to David thought that she had the right to boss David around especially when the parents were absent, but at 14 David was having none of it and this frequently led to friction. The worst time was usually Saturday mornings when Mr and Mrs Taylor were both out for several hours, leaving Joan and David by themselves. However, this Saturday wouldn’t be too bad as David had to spend the morning with his father tidying the garden. It had to be spick and span for next week end when a barbeque was planned for Joan’s birthday. In the afternoon Joan was going shopping with her mother and they wouldn’t be back until late also Mr Taylor was meeting a friend in the late afternoon. It looked like David was in for a peaceful evening.
    As I mentioned before, David was a little more interested in boys than in girls and there was one boy in particular who he had taken a shine to. His name was Tim and he was about 18 ...