1. Chapter 14, Pushy Engineer Introduces Himself, Is Tamed And Seduced

    Date: 3/11/2023, Categories: Cheating Author: ElizabethLinJohnson, Source: LushStories

    After Edward left, I continued to work swing shift, was accepted at work as one of the "girls", enjoyed their company but remained aloof. In truth, I was not like them even though I tried to be. The twelve years of my parochial school had left their indelible mark.
    I yearned for the part of me lost when Edward left. Each day I dressed, put on makeup, combed my hair, dabbed on perfume, I did so for his absent approval. He too left an indelible mark. I remained his Asian doll.
    It wasn’t enough to fill the void. I pined for his smile, voice, caress, and sophistication. That’s what I told myself. In truth, I missed the affair’s forbidden excitement, the epicure dining, most of all the attention of being someone special. Friday nights slipped by uneventful, no longer was I the object of a maître d’s or sommelier’s attention.
    My internal trinity was in conflict. My God the Father’s mind yearned for Edwards intellectual stimulation, Jesus Christ’s heart ached for his love and Vixen’s Un-Holy Spirt meowed for his stroking.
    Please, me now, now!
    Like the Siamese cats in the Disney movie,Lady and the Tramp I hummed these lyrics to the movie tune:
    I am horny if you pleaseI am horny if you don't pleaseThere is no finer Vixen than meI like, you pet me quite a whileMeow, meow, Vixen, wants it now, now.
    After a year of marriage fidelity, my mind and heart joined Vixen in a chorus, humming the ditty.
    We are horny if you pleaseWe are horny if you don't pleaseThere are no finer than weIf we like we let you pet us quite a whileMeow, meow we want it now, now.
    While aligning at work the ditty would pop up. In the spring of 1978, a year after Edward walked on the plane and out of my life, an engineer walked in at Nortec while I aligned wafers. The Trinity didn't flirt for his attention; they didn't even notice him when he boldly approached while I was bent over aligning and asked.
    “Hi good looking. How, about having lunch together at break?”
    Looking up from my microscope, I refocused, I scanned him. His alignment pleased me.
    “I don’t eat cafeteria food. I bring my lunch. Cafeteria food’s bad.”
    “I know but I didn’t bring lunch. You can sit with me while you eat yours. I’m just asking for us to sit together.”
    “You’re pushy. I’m aligning now. Pick a seat. When I go to lunch, I’ll decide if I sit with you.”
    I bent back down to align. He strode off, de-boldened.
    When I carried my lunch bag to the cafeteria, he was sitting alone at a far corner table. I sat across from him, opened my plastic lunch container and nibbled on the chicken I brought but didn’t look at him.
    He finally asked. "Cat got your tongue? It’s okay. I’m glad you decided to sit with me. What’s your name?
    I looked up. “Cobra”
    “Cobra, are you venomous?”
    “Careful, I might bite.”
    My tongue darted out in warning.
    “How about you and me, we go on a date? Let me see if I can charm you not to bite."
    "I'm married".
    "So am I".
    "Í don't see a ...