1. The Poolside Question I Was Not Expecting Part 13

    Date: 3/12/2023, Categories: Lesbian Masturbation / Toys Incest / Taboo Author: MJShyToes, Source: xHamster

    (The Massage)
    After our morning session, my beautiful young lover Jeannie and I had just enough time to shower before our massages were to start. We quickly showered although we did take time to enjoy one another clean wet bodies and it ended with a long slow deep kiss. We toweled off and wrap in our robes just as the masseuses arrived. The masseuses were two familiar faces, as I had gotten more than a few massages in this hotel over the years. So familiar in fact that each of them, Traci and Dawn, greeted me with a more than familiar kiss on the lips. Noting the affection, Jeannie asked, "Do you know one other?"
    "Yes, Babygirl we all know one another very well, this is Traci, she will be focusing on you today and this is Dawn she will helping me. Ladies, this is Jeannie, my very, very special friend. We are exploring together this weekend and I think she will enjoy your help in that exploration." I introduced them. Each lady gave Jeannie a small kiss on the cheek.
    Traci asked, "Shall we set up on the balcony or bedroom, MJ?"
    "I am thinking balcony, but in the shade please," I responded. And with that, the ladies went to work setting up the massage tables on the balcony.
    Jeannie watched as they went onto the balcony and then said, "Oh my gosh, they are both beautiful." Traci was the taller of the two, about 5'11", with shoulder length brown hair pulled back in a tight ponytail. Very curvy figure with broad shoulders and ample breasts which were almost spilling out of her tight white tank top. She had a tiny waist with hips that were full and round covered in short white shorts. Dawn was a little shorter, maybe 5'7" with a more slender build. Her hair was lighter, but about the same length and also pulled back in a ponytail. Her muscular shoulders and arms were one of her best features and the white tank top showed them off well also. She was very proportional with nicely rounded breasts, a slight waist and tight athletic ass, also in white shorts.
    "Yes, they are both lovely and both excellent masseuses," I responded. "Just to warn you, this will be a massage unlike anything you have had before. The only rule is that you may not initiate any contact with them without asking first, OK"
    Jeannie, said, "Ok, but..."
    I reassured her, "It will be fine, I promise you will enjoy it."
    Just then each lady walked into the bedroom and Traci asked, "Ladies are you ready?"
    Jeannie's mouth was wide open when she saw that both Traci and Dawn were now dressed only in matching white high waisted thong panties. "Yes, Traci, we are ready," I responded and were were each led to our table by our masseuse. Each of them removed our robes and helped us onto the tables face down. The tables were arranged side by side but in opposite directions with the heads of each even with one another so Jeannie and I could see one another faces if we looked to the side. The music was soothing with the background of the gentle waves of the Gulf. Both ...