1. Agent of Lilith: Chapter 2

    Date: 3/12/2023, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Bisexual Body Modification, Masturbation / Toys Straight Sex Author: Eupatrid, Source: sexstories.com

    James stared at the ceiling of his bedroom. "That was the weirdest dream yet," he muttered to himself, recalling the vivid colors of the beautiful temple and its lone occupant. Reaching across to his nightstand, he grabbed his phone and checked the time: 8:29, one minute before his alarm was set to go off. "Cruel fate," he scoffed, turning his alarm off and climbing out of bed.
    Immediately, James knew something was different. The tightness in his shorts was nothing new, he had morning wood most days. No, that wasn't what was strange; what was strange was the shocking size of his erection. Pulling his boxers down to get a better look at the python in his pants, he was amazed to find that his cock had grown overnight, from an unremarkable 5 ½ inches to a formidable 8 ½. Wrapping a hand around his impressive girth, James found that his dick wasn't the only thing that had changed. His arms were slightly bigger, no mistaking it. Letting go of his dick, James stared at his arms, clenching and unclenching his fists. His forearms looked strong and vascular, and the muscles of his upper arms swelled powerfully beneath tight skin.
    "Holy shit," James spoke aloud, "that was no dream…" Nearly tripping, his boxers still around his ankles, James stumbled hurriedly toward the bathroom that connected to his room. Standing before the mirror, James found himself staring at the reflection of an Adonis. Even when he had worked out regularly, James had never looked this good. Strong shoulders, muscular pecs, and defined abs… James barely recognized his own body. The legs his new and improved member hung between were also more muscular. Moreover, he seemed to have grown several inches in height; he would have towered over his old self. As he was now, James guessed he was at least 6'3". Moving up to his face, he found that any trace of fat in his neck or cheeks was gone. His face was still his, just more chiseled, more handsome. His strong nose and defined jaw gave him a more rugged look when paired with his three-day stubble. For a split-second, he thought he saw a flash of red in his eyes, but when he blinked it was gone.
    Admiring his attractive new body, James thought to himself, "Thanks, Lilith." He nearly jumped out of his skin when a sensuous voice answered back in his head "You're very welcome."
    Surprise painted on his face, he spoke out loud, "M-mistress?"
    "Think, don't speak, James." Lilith's voice echoed through his mind again.
    James gulped then focused his thoughts, directing them toward his unseen mistress, "Right… you surprised me. I guess last night's dream was real, then?"
    "Oh my, yes. Quite real," Lilith responded, "Why? Do you regret our pact already?"
    The serious tone in the demoness' voice (thoughts?) was not lost on James. "No! Not at all. I'm just a little taken aback… So, uh, you can read my mind?"
    "Not quite," answered the feminine voice, "I can hear your thoughts when they are directed toward me, and vice versa. Though, ...