1. Suzi the pig from Essex Part 2

    Date: 3/13/2023, Categories: BDSM Mature / Older Anal Author: love_to_lick_bbw, Source: xHamster

    As l looked at Suzi, l still couldn’t believe that she had attracted this much attention. I wondered if it was just truck drivers away from home, desperate to stick their cock in anything, but there must be more to it? I spotted one of the older and fatter ones clearly playing with himself, so l invited him over. This wobbly old slag looked up, horrified at the sight of this short, grey haired cock wanking, and before she said a word, years worth of cum was spraying all over her face and hair. Her mascara was running down her face, mixed with cum and her hair was matted with spunk. Yet still she was attracting attention from this mixture of men. A heavily tattooed and muscles truck driver had become naked now and had an enormous,pierced erection.
    ’Hey, do l get a go?’
    ’of course, l replied’
    ’Well l want to fuck her, not look at her’ with that, he produced the paper bag from his burger and put it over her head.
    ’now then, that’s better, shame l can still see her floppy tits’ He pulled her up, so her ankles were still secured to the table legs, but she was more upright.
    ’I can see your floppy tits, but it’s not putting me off’ he said, as he slapped her arse with his pierced cock.’ My favourite colour is purple’ with this, he went round the front of her and slapped her tits. The left one reverberated round to he use of her body, and was still flapping about as he smacked the right one. He did this again twice each, until her tots were getting red. I could her Suzi whimpering with each one, though l could smell her pussy more strongly than ever. Then an amazing thing happened, Suzi shuddered on her own, and with a high pitched scream, she came. Hard and long. I’d fucked a few girls in my time, but l had never heard anything like this. So, this dirty, flabby, ugly slut had came by being restrained and smacked of her tits. Interesting.
    The tattooed trucker couldn’t believe his luck. He positioned himself behind her, pulls her up by her sticky hair, and thrust his big cock into her.
    ’fucking hell, she’s soaking’ Up unto now, l’d barley heard Suzi other than whimpering when she was smacked. She was going for it now, moaning and groaning. Not only did l not want to see her, l don’t want to hear the slag either. I went back into my bag and found a gag l’d brought, as l suspected this might happen. The guy could see what l was doing, and kindly stopped his relentless pumping, so l could fit it round Suzis fat and sunburnt neck. It was a bit gag, so l pinched her beaten nipples (which were like bullets), as she gasped l reached inside the paper bag ,put the soft bit in her mouth and before she knew it, had closed her mouth on it. Perfect. The old bird was still attached to the picnic table, by her ankles, her tits were red, turning purple, spunk over her drooping tits, gagged and with a paper bag over her hideous face.Her greying pubes were stuck to her aged skin, and there was a muscular tattooed guy fucking her from behind as hard as ...