1. The Girl - Stories: Man on the bench 1

    Date: 3/13/2023, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Oral Sex / Blowjob Voyeur / Exhibitionism Teen Masturbation / Toys Author: boardpin123, Source: sexstories.com

    Lilly stood listening to the teacher in her aerobics clothes. They set up a weekly exercises in the park. It was Ms Summers and couple of girls. While listening to Ms Summers explain the purpose of the next stretching exercise, she noticed a older man staring at the group from a bench in the park. The man clearly was looking at the pretty girls but didn't notice Lilly noticing him.
    When they started to exercise, she purposely positioned herself every time to give the man the best view. Soon she was happy to see the man was mostly staring at her.
    --- "Why this man is staring at us." --- said Ms Summers, as she noticed the man on the bench.
    Lilly was preoccupied in giving a good show to the man, that Ms Summers remark startled her. She thought quickly, as the teacher clearly considered shouting something to the man.
    --- "Oh. I know him." --- she said pretending to just notice him. --- "He ... he is horribly shortsighted. Nearly blind." --- she continued proud of her excuse. --- "He sometimes stares into the distance."
    The teacher clearly felt bad about assuming him to be some pervert. She even tried no to look in his direction for the rest of the exercises. As the routine ended, Lilly gathered her things put on her skirt and started to walk with the girls as Ms Summers still was packing her stuff.
    --- "Go without me" --- she said to the girls --- "I'll say Hi to ... Mr Williams" --- she blabbed the first surname that came to her mind.
    --- "OK." --- said her friend. Lilly was happy Amy wasn't part of the exercise group, as she surely would have suspicions.
    As Lilly approached the bench, the man pretended to read a newspaper. It was a big newspaper and he used it also to cover the bulge in his pants. Lilly sat beside him on the bench.
    --- "Nice views, aren't they." --- she said not looking at him.
    --- "Yes. Very." --- said the man, clearly a bit worried.
    --- "I hope I gave you a nice show." --- she said, making clear she seen him staring.
    --- "Oh. I didn't ..." --- the man started to say.
    --- "Don't worry. I felt flattered."
    --- "I shouldn't ..."
    --- "Oh. You should be able to. It's kind of sad that it's frowned upon that you enjoy some flexing and stretching from a couple of juicy girls, you know."
    --- "I ..."
    --- "Some girls like to be watched."
    --- "Some girls like to tease" --- he said, clutching his fists.
    --- "Oh. I hope you don't think I'm teasing you, sir." --- she said.
    The man clearly thought she'll mocking him and teasing. He felt like she was implying blackmailing him with her knowledge.
    --- "Aren't you?"
    --- "No, sir. I think men should be allowed to enjoy looking at my body." --- she said, as her hand ventured to his leg, and started to massage his hard-on through his trousers --- "And not only looking."
    The man stiffened as her hand jerked him off through the material.
    Suddenly she noticed her teacher coming along the path. Lilly immediately stood up and sat on his ...