1. My Love Life Chapter 2 Carrie

    Date: 3/13/2023, Categories: True Stories Oral Sex / Blowjob Consensual Sex First Time Group Sex Teen Author: Rex Allen, Source: sexstories.com

    My Love Life 2 Carrie and Gal Pals
    Chapter 2 Carrie
    Carrie and I met when she hung around with our group. She was in Junior High, and I was in High school. Her in 9th grade, and I was in the 10th grade. Her reputation was she would “put out”.
    Let me describe Carrie. She was about 5 foot 5 inches tall. She was a top-heavy gal. She had curves in all the right places. In Bob Segar’s song Night Moves. “She was a black-haired beauty with points of her own, sitting way up high.” She had at least a 34DD titties and light black hair that went down halfway between her shoulders and her ass. Carrie was a little thick. Not fat, just all proportioned, and very curvy.
    Our group of friends hung out at my house because we had a family room downstairs (built in basement), and a living room upstairs. My family stayed downstairs except to come upstairs to go to bed. My bedroom was downstairs, and the rest of the family had bedroom’s upstairs. That is why everyone came to my house. I had the upstairs (living room, Dining Room, and Kitchen) to myself and guests. I had a great audio system for its day. Reel to Reel Tape deck, Record player, FM Radio, Television Set (Black & White).
    One evening Carrie starting to flirt with me. Since I had broken up with Dottie around 3 months earlier, I was quite available.
    I played a guessing game with her. I asked if she was longer from her chin to the top of her forehead, or from ear to ear. I then proceeded to measure it with my bandanna. I first measured from her forehead to her chin. I marked the spot on the bandanna. When I measured from ear to ear, the bandanna blinded her. That was when I reached in for a kiss. She started to kiss me back. Our tongues had a swordfight. She started moaning into my mouth. I almost came right then and there. Her nipples were hard as diamonds and it showed right through her bra and top. She reached down and rubbed my cock through my jeans. I figured this girl is ready. I took her to the closest bedroom, my brother’s room. I pulled up her skirt and peeled off her panty hose. I noticed the crotch was very damp.
    I quickly took off my pants and put on a rubber (condom) and pushed my way into her moist wet cunt. I inserted my cock in slowly at first, then increased my speed pushing in and out. Just when she started to enjoy it, I came prematurely. I kept grinding my rod into her until she let out a little squeak and shook like she was having a seizure. I withdrew my dick with a pop sound. I was already going soft. We got dressed and went back to the living room and joined in the party. A few of our friends all quietly whooped and jeered. Teddy said, “Looks like they got some nookie.” Peg asked Carrie “Well how good was he?” Carrie just said, “A gal never FUCKS and tells”. Then she whispered to Peg, “I guess I’ll have to tell you later “
    Let me describe Pam and Peg:
    PAM was a little older than the rest of the “Gal pals”. She was in her early to mid-20’s. She had a car, and I ...