1. Kinky Secretary Kidnapped Again

    Date: 3/13/2023, Categories: Trans Author: bycdDarla, Source: Literotica

    Mistress was preparing to leave on a speaking and book signing engagement and would be gone overnight, leaving me alone. I always missed Mistress when she was gone but thought I would have a chance to watch some sports without the threat of punishment.
    "Just about ready Darla. Help with my bags and do promise to behave while I'm gone."
    Just then Mistress' phone rang.
    "It's Jane. I'll put it on speaker. How are you? Well, I hope. I'm just getting ready to leave on a book signing and speaking trip. What are you up to?"
    Jane was one of my kidnappers along with her two sidekicks. The three of them had a very successful fantasy kidnapping service. Helped in no small part by a chapter in Mistress' kink anthology partly written by me. I described my adventures at their hands and business had boomed. We had subsequently become friends although Jane had gotten me in quite a bit of hot water with Mistress. I had helped her with a kidnapping when the other two were on a different job. Jane had contributed to a, shall we say, indiscretion on my part. Oh hell, our kidnappee had given me a bondage blow job as part of her kidnapping fantasy. Mistress was not pleased and I was locked up for quite a while before serving as a maid at my own punishment party.
    "Well Mistress, I need to ask a big favor. I'm having some work done at the house and my heat is off. I really, really need a place to stay tonight. Before you ask, Joyce and Lynne have company from out of town. Can I please, please stay at your place. I could keep an eye on Darla for you and I promise to behave myself this time. Please!"
    "Okay. But no funny business this time. I will be very upset with both of you if there is."
    "Thank you so much! Just one more thing. We're putting some pictures on our website. You know, some examples of things we can do on our kidnappings. Darla would be a perfect model. Particularly with the chapter she wrote."
    Mistress thought for a minute before replying. "I'll leave that to Darla. She hasn't been tied up much lately with our work schedule. She would probably enjoy it. I'm serious though, no misbehaving. You can come over anytime. I'm taking off right now."
    I have to admit, it would be fun. Jane was great with the ropes and I hadn't dressed much lately. "Thanks Mistress. I think I would enjoy it and really, Jane is bi but probably 90% lesbian. I'll be fine."
    "It's the 10% that worries me. She is a bad girl, often delightfully so, but I trust her as far as I could throw her. And don't think I've forgotten her part in your misadventure. I'm just waiting for the right opportunity and Jane will get hers just like you did. As someone famous said, 'revenge is a dish best served cold'. I'm not sure yet what her punishment will be, but she will pay. As for you behaving, I'm going to make sure of that. Go get your CB6000. I'd plug you too but it would be in too long."
    Mistress quickly applied the chastity device, pocketed the key before kissing me ...