1. Sparring Match

    Date: 3/13/2023, Categories: Trans Author: bybutch4butch, Source: Literotica

    Sam dodges and strikes, finding a rhythm with Lilly, sparring in their small home gym on a sunny Sunday afternoon. They like to work out together. It gets their blood flowing, it's an excuse to shower together afterwards, and Sam loves the way Lilly looks getting sweaty in her tight yoga pants and sports bra. Their boxing matches are the most fun, in Sam's opinion, but that might be because she always wins.
    Sam ducks to avoid a punch from Lilly and sticks her leg out while she goes down, knocking Lilly off balance and onto her ass. Sam pins her to the navy floor mat with her body, grabbing her wrists when she tries to resist and pinning those down too.
    "Nice try," Sam grins, their faces inches apart.
    Lilly grunts and whines, tired of losing yet again, but enjoying being pinned by her hot girlfriend.
    "What's the matter?" Sam teases. She brushes their lips together, meeting not in a kiss but in a hot tease that leaves Lilly wanting more.
    "Baby," she whines again. She's growing hard in her yoga pants and no longer cares that she lost the match.
    "Baby, what?" Sam mocks.
    "Please," she pouts.
    "Please, whaaat? " Sam asks, relishing in the teasing. She dips her head down again for another tease of a kiss.
    Lilly whimpers and licks her lips. "Please." She looks up at Sam with big, pleading eyes. "Please kiss me."
    Samantha grins arrogantly. "Good girl," she whispers in Lilly's ear, making her shiver. Being called a good girl makes Lilly melt like a puddle in her hands. She loves it.
    Sam finally kisses her like she's begging for, their lips meeting softly before Sam sneaks out a gentle tongue to graze Lilly's lips in the way that she loves. Lilly moans into the kiss, tangling her fingers in Sam's short, curly brown hair, tugging gently to beg for more.
    Sam kisses her harder, grinding their hips together as she keeps her wrists pinned to the floor mat. She loves the way Lilly's body gives into her, surrendering. Lilly moans into the kiss as the grinding grows more frantic, her hard clit throbbing between them in her pants.
    "Fuck, baby," she begs, looking down between them to her bulge.
    "What's wrong?" Sam mocks, stroking her wet tip through her yoga pants. Lilly gasps in a raspy voice at this, surprised by the pleasure.
    "Ugh," Lilly moans. "Uh. Pl-please," she says unintelligibly.
    Sam brings her mouth to Lilly's neck, licking and sucking on her pulse point, distracting her further. "Please what?" Sam asks tortuously.
    Lilly's eyes flutter closed, because it turns her on to be made to beg for what she wants, and because she needs to close her eyes to concentrate to even figure out what she wants.
    "Please suck my nipples and keep touching me?" she asks tentatively.
    "Good girl," Sam praises. She pulls her sports bra off, bringing her eager mouth to Lilly's sensitive nipple, gently licking and tracing her tongue in circles. She sucks the lightest bit, kissing her nipple and bringing her attention to the ...