1. Breast Express

    Date: 3/13/2023, Categories: Flash Straight Sex, Author: sdsioux, Source: LushStories

    Sue answered the knock on the door as she hurriedly fastened her bathrobe. She opened the door to discover a delivery man holding a small sealed package.
    “COD for twenty dollars. Cash please,” said the delivery man.
    “Come in for a minute while I get my purse,” said Sue. “You are?”
    “Jack, ma'am.”
    Sue adjusted her bathrobe tie so it showed her cleavage making it quite obvious she wanted them displayed.
    "Oh darn, my husband took the twenty-dollar bill this morning and he has the credit card," she said in a childlike manner.
    "I'll come back," Jack said agitatedly.
    “I need it for a project I want to do today. Could we work something out?”
    “Nope,” he said.
    “Not even this?” she said as she opened up the robe revealing her beautiful tanned breasts for Jack to see. “They’re thirty-six DD and my nipples are very sensitive," as she cupped them in an offering for Jack. "Go ahead and feel them. They're all-natural."
    She walked up to Jack and put his hands on her breasts as he dropped the package and pushed them into the flesh letting him feel the softness and the lust she was experiencing now. Jack felt like it was the first time he had ever kneaded a real pair of breasts and cupped them in his hands, feeling the weight of the beautiful mounds she had to offer.
    “If you forget about the twenty dollars I’ll let you titty fuck me.”
    “I’ve never done that before,” he said.
    “You’re in for a treat, Jack. I’ll be happy to teach you. Come over to the couch and I’ll show you what to do.”
    She dropped the robe showing him her tanned naked body. Jack followed her like a puppy dog, dropping his pants and briefs, his cock already erect and ready to go.
    “Do we forget about the twenty dollars?” she asked in a sultry voice.
    "Okay," he said.
    “Come over and sit on my stomach,” she said.
    Jack did as instructed and he sat on her, his cock pointing at her big breasts. She took his cock in her hands and began to stroke it very gently touching her breasts with his cock and then quickly brought it back up, content with gently stroking it. Her magic hands were making it harder and longer. She gently brushed it on her nipple back and forth, lightly rubbing it, then switching it to the other. She let go of his cock, letting it rest in her cleavage, the precum dripping out of his cockhead.
    “Does it feel good, Jack?”
    “Oh yes.”
    “I’m just starting to get you excited. Very slowly I’m going to let you fuck my titties until you can’t stand it anymore and cum all over me.”
    She pressed a little bit harder, sliding his cock from breast to breast, nipple to nipple, teasingly sliding it into her cleavage and then taking it away. Her nipples began to harden from the cock brushing and she could feel the moistness in her pussy. She continued rubbing his cock on her nipples, this time a little bit harder. He went back and forth on her nipples then on her areolas making the dark pink a little bit darker.
    She took his big cock and ...