1. Submissive Adam's Bachelor Party

    Date: 3/13/2023, Categories: Fetish Author: byLesbiandomesticdiscipline, Source: Literotica

    This story is purely fiction and involves adult characters over the age of 21.
    Adam's parents and friends gathered for his Bachelor party. Adam's family threw him a co-ed bachelor party, since many of his friends were female and his Mother was an honored participant. Adam's male friends brought their wives. In all there were 3 men and 8 women present, as well as his Mother, Father and older Sister.
    Adam thought of his fiance Stacy and hoped she was enjoying her bachelorette party weekend in Las Vegas with her best girlfriends.
    Adam's father raised his glass in a toast, "to our son Adam and his fiancé, Stacy. As Adam's parents, we see how much he loves and adores her. We see how he worships her and devotes himself to her, giving her the respect she deserves. May they have a lifetime of love and adventures. And may she continue to keep Adam in line as he needs, reprimanding him if he disrespects her in any way."
    Adam's Mom took over, "Yes we know that Stacy wears the pants in their relationship and it is only right since we raised our son to respect the woman of the house. It is only right that she mold and discipline him to meet her standards. Adam knows that if he is found lacking respect or lacking in his service to his Wife, he will be punished. It is time for him to place Stacy's wants and needs above his own and to find his proper place at her knees."
    Adam's father looked at his son blushing and struggling to keep his head up among his family and friends. He continued, "Adam, you are a natural born follower and you have found your leader. This evening is a ceremony to symbolize the transfer of that authority from your mother and sister to your fiancé. Tomorrow Stacy will assume all authority over you as your new Head of Household. Come and kneel before your Mother and Sister to honor them and thank them for training you so well to be a submissive husband."
    At that moment, Adam was unconcerned with anyone's reactions. He rushed to his Mother and Sister and knelt at their feet. He realized how much he would miss living with them and serving them as a loyal son and brother. He had tears in his eyes as he looked up and sought their approval.
    Adam's Mother spoke again, "Adam you have served as as a devoted son in our household and you are more than prepared to serve your wife now. May she take the appropriate command of you and mold your to her desires. It is now your job to service Stacy in every way."
    Adam noticed his sister looked sad as his Mother continued, "The only way you will service your Mother and Sister again will be at Stacy's direction. Remember well your training at home with performing household and personal chores at my request and your sister's request, and remain humble and ready to please your new wife."
    Adam replied, "Yes, Ma'am, thank you for your attention to my training." He looked at his Sister, trying to reassure her.
    "In addition to household chores and personal tasks, your Wife will require ...