1. Your Submission

    Date: 3/14/2023, Categories: Voyeur / Exhibitionism Author: byMischiefandfun, Source: Literotica

    [This story is written in collaboration with my slave. all this is pre-planned and consensual]
    You are blindfolded and on your knees.
    Elbows tied behind your back. Wrists tied to ankles. Legs splayed. Hugely open.
    Loud music on so you can't even really hear what's going on.
    Then I bind your breasts. I use silk rope to encircle them in a noose cinch, then pull Tie tight, until they are both squeezed together and individually bound until the flesh turns purple and the nipples engorge. I am naked in front of you and the rush of power is intoxicating. My cock is twitching as it is an constant state of arousal at the sight of you.
    And when the binding is good and ready. I shift you and you feel the smooth coolness of glass around your arsehole. I get you to sit back until it's fully in. You bite your lip even though I used lube in great quantities. Then I begin to caress your breasts with feathers, and my palms. Gentle pinches and tweaks. I kneel down before you and tease at your nipples with my lips and tongue, loving the tightened feeling of tour areolae.
    And while I'm doing that you feel other hands grabbing your breasts. 4, 6... more. You can't even tell. And you can't hear or see. I stand up and step back, the better to observe this feast. I nod to a man who steps forward.
    And then you feel a smooth, firm, warm curve shape on your lips. And the feel of tongues and lips on your nipples - nibbling and nipping.
    And although you keep your lips together the firm warmth of the cock head excites you. And the mouths and hands kneading away on your breasts and nipples are building your sensation.
    You open your mouth and flick your tongue out but the cock on your lips withdraws until you are back where you were. Then, shyly, the cock head rests on your lips again, along the length of your mouth. He allows you to kiss and lick at the shaft a little bit the moment you push forward to bring him into your mouth you are restrained. You have to be content with the warmth and solidity over your lips and mouth. After a while you are aware that you are licking the underside of the top of his cock. The urge to reach forward is huge but you have to restrain yourself. Your tongue flicks across the head, your feel the twin bulges of the head of his glans. You cautiously extend your tongue underneath and cautiously hook the tip upwards, helping him towards you. He twitches a little but stays where he is. You soften your tongue and do tiny circles under the tip. It's almost relaxing. The mouth and hands on your breasts are gentle and slow as well, and you feel your hair standing up on end.
    Suddenly - you feel a pulse and a jerk. And you feel cum on your lips - squirting out onto the tip of your tongue, above your lips and over the edges of your tongue down your chin. It drips onto your breasts. You feel it hitting the top surface of your tautly tied boobs. The mouths and hands don't stop and you're desperately conscious of the glass in your ...