1. Mama’s Little Family

    Date: 3/14/2023, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Authoritarian, Consensual Sex Voyeur / Exhibitionism Hardcore, Incest / Taboo Non-consensual Sex Teen Author: MissAdventurous, Source: sexstories.com

    Mama’s Little Family
    I struggled under the weight of the grocery bags as I made my way to the front door. Dammit girl, I thought to myself, take two trips next time! Shaking my head at my own stubbornness I shoved the key in the back door to the house and let myself in.
    The lights were on in the kitchen thankfully so it was easy for me to navigate to the kitchen table, someone was home it seemed. Luckily none of Bowser’s toys were littered on the floor to trip me up, he must be out with one of the kids. Unloading the bags from my arms I heard the tell tale thump thump thump of a headboard against a wall.
    I smiled, listening to the sounds of good old fashioned fucking upstairs taking my eggs and shredded cheese out of the bag to put away. It couldn’t be Tommy, he had practice after school. And Mikey had a date with whats-her-name at the county fair. Must be Mary Sue. Putting away the last of the cold items into the fridge I leaned over and yelled up the stairs.
    “Mary Sue! That you getting pounded up there girl?”
    “Yes Mama!” came the slightly out of breath reply.
    Thump thump thump.
    “You got that Johnson boy between your legs again?”
    Thump thump thump.
    “No Mama!”
    “Alright then, I’ll be up in a minute!”
    “Yea, look at you take that cock, slut!” a male voice yelled. “You cummin’ again cunt?”
    A long strangled moan was my daughter’s only reply.
    I finished putting away the groceries, shaking my head at the cost of bananas these days. A viral trend had hit the internet a few weeks ago, making stores across the country run low on bananas and the price jacked up dramatically. “Dipped Bananas” were all the rage. Girls that were so well fucked their pussies gaped enough to have a peeled banana dipped all the way in and out of their cunts without breaking. They were posting videos of them coming out coated in all the juices of a well fucked puss. The way kids these days showed off their slutiness level was beyond me. In my day just wearing a short skirt with some cum running down your thighs was good enough.
    Wanting to get changed out of my work clothes I walked up the stairs to the second floor of the house where my and my daughter’s bedrooms were. Walking by her open door I stopped and watched the activity on her bed. A pale, well toned male ass was humping into my daughter, her skinny legs bouncing uselessly with each thrust. My daughter caught me watching and grinned.
    “Look Mama! He’s fucking me so good!” she said, pleased as punch on her back, some high school jock going to town between her thighs. They were both naked as could be, the covers from the bed in a heap on the floor.
    “I see that Marry Sue, good girl!” I praised. Her body was wrapped around his pumping torso, her cone shaped tits bouncing back and forth on her chest. My mouth watered slightly, I loved giving those puffy nipples a good sucking. “You enjoying my daughter’s cunt boy?”
    The blonde haired blue eyed boy looked up, his face red and ...