1. Crossing Lines (Resolution)

    Date: 3/14/2023, Categories: Cheating Author: KimmiBeGood, Source: LushStories

    I pace in front of the hotel room door, repeatedly checking my appearance in the mirror on the wall. I drove for several hours to meet David here, while he’s in this city for a few days on customer calls. Insecurities now fill my head.Will he find me attractive? Will he love ‘in-person’ me as much as ‘online me?’ We believe we are in love, but can you really love someone you haven’t met in person?
    Knock. Knock.
    Oh, God! I inhale a deep breath and slowly open the door. Frozen in my spot, I take in the sight of him - the man I love. My, oh my, I find him so attractive. I didn't realize how much taller a six-foot-two man would be than my much shorter self. His presence is towering. Thank goodness, his face breaks into a huge smile which immediately warms me and I exhale my held breath. Stepping forward, he pulls me into his chest, enveloping me with his loving arms, squeezing out all my insecurities. I hug him tightly, afraid if I let go he will disappear. His hand lifts my chin to face him and we stare into each other's eyes for the first time.
    “Hey, baby. I’m so happy to finally meet you.”
    I let out an embarrassing, nervous squeal. “Forgive me. I’m very, very nervous,” I finally respond, trembling.
    “Don’t be. I’ve got you,” he says hugging me tighter.
    “How do you feel? Seeing me in person? Any different, David?” I ask, hoping his answer is what I want.
    “You feel like I knew you would, Cassie. I feel our connection even stronger in person and know my love for you is real.”
    “I love you, David,” I whisper. Thankfully, after an anxious first few minutes, I now feel comfortable in his presence - like I have known him forever.
    “I love you too, Cassie.”
    Then, he kisses me – the moment I have dreamed about for the last few months. It is such a soft kiss at first, pulling back to check my response. I pull his head back down, wanting more. I knew he would be a great kisser – knew it! Our tongues invade each other's mouths and our kiss grows more passionate. My hands caress his broad back and I can't help but playfully slide a hand down to squeeze one of his firm butt cheeks.
    "Hey now," he says, chuckling.
    Then, I feel a hard spank on my bottom. "Ouch!" I yelp, giggling.
    "Turnabout is fair play and I have wanted to spank your ass for the longest time, Cassie."
    We spend the next moments exploring each other with our hands. Mine across his broad shoulders and chest. His from my neck, across my shoulders, and down my arms, leaving a trail of goosebumps. We interlock our fingers and gaze upon each other, settling into this new in-person existence.
    I look upon his face again and pull his head down for another delicious kiss. My moans start as passion overtakes us. Months of longing come pouring out. I feel him harden as I press against him. His hands roam to what I know is one of his favorite body parts - my nipples. With his thumbs, he caresses them to stiff peaks. I can't take it and gasp, lifting my leg to try to ...