1. The Jail Guard Gets Her Turn Ch. 02

    Date: 3/14/2023, Categories: Lesbian Author: bySamanthaMeyers, Source: Literotica

    The jail guard gets her turn. Part II
    After my experience with Debbie, I was in a major panic. What if someone saw us? What if she talked? What if my husband found out? What If I get fired?
    I avoided seeing Debbie for a few days and just kept to myself alone in my office when I was at work. I was very overwhelmed that something had happened, but also very scared of what might happen in the future. After several days of pounding my head against the wall, I decided I needed a day to just be by myself. I called in sick and asked the hubby to take the kids out for the night. I explained I had a bad headache and I just wanted to soak in a warm bath and needed time alone. I think that's the night my mind finally digested the experience and everything settled within me.
    As I sat in the bath reliving the evening with her, I realized that I was crazy about Debbie and I wanted more of her. I didn't want to date her, or live with her, but physically I wanted everything again. But I had to be discrete about this, because it would surely cost me my job and my marriage. As I laid soaking in the tub, I finally felt the stress and anxiety release. I had admitted to myself, my desires, accepted my passions and was fantasizing about our next experience, when I felt those butterflies inside me. Before I knew it my hand was between my legs softly rubbing up and down my inner thighs, until my pussy throbbed so bad, I had to finger myself.
    I got myself off in seconds imagining my face pressed up against her pussy while my fingers were sliding in and out of her. I felt her wetness on my face and could hear her moans as she was cumming. I envisioned her eyes staring up at me as I was watching her eat me out. I was so turned on and so aroused that I wanted to go to work that minute, slide into her cell and lick her pussy until she came again. I had to see her, I had to talk to her and I needed to experience her again.
    The next afternoon when I arrived at work, Debbie wasn't in her cell. She was at the library and I volunteered to escort her back. I think she was shocked when she saw me at the door. There was a moment of anxiety, maybe feelings of being let down as she came out and said hello to me. We walked for a bit passing polite conversation and I could tell she was uncomfortable with me being there.
    I stopped her in-between the corridor lockdown doors and I said to her, "Hey, I'm sorry I haven't been around much this week. I was having a hard time with what happened and with my feelings towards you and I didn't know how to handle things."
    "It's Okay." She spoke. "I was feeling the same way and was just disappointed I didn't see you over the last few days. The other guards said you were sick. Are you alright?"
    "Yes, Sweetie I am alright. I just didn't know how to handle this situation. I have never been with a woman before and I was just concern this could really go bad for both of us."
    "Carly, I don't want you to get in trouble and I would ...