1. The Gift

    Date: 3/14/2023, Categories: Trans Author: bynjcaptionlover, Source: Literotica

    After parking the car on the corner, of Oak and Main. Mistress Kate turned to me and gave me some unsettling news.
    "Well my dear, this is where we part ways. You served me well as my Sissy Maid for the past 6 months. However, I no longer have any use for you. Therefore it is time to give you away to a new owner."
    The gag muffled my pleas.
    She saw the fear in my eyes and gave me a small kiss on my cheek.
    "Don't worry, I have known your new owner for years."
    She came around and opened the passenger door and helped me out. As I stood on the sidewalk dressed in a traditional French Maid outfit. Mistress Kate adjusted the skirt and petticoat. Then touched up my light brown hair.
    She handed me a silver platter. As I held the silver platter, Mistress Kate placed a large pink envelop along with a small black velvet box on it.
    "Okay, sweetie. Now walk! Walk straight ahead until you reach 654 Oak St. That's where your new owner lives. Once there, you are to ring the doorbell and present this platter."
    I began to cry.
    "Now don't cry, you'll ruin your makeup and disappoint your new owner."
    Mistress Kate dabbed the tears away.
    "I wish I could keep you sweetie, but training beta boys to be Sissy Maids and then giving them away is such a turn-on. And you do want me to be happy, right?"
    I was barely able to nod my head due to the posture collar wrapped around my neck.
    "Now get going, your new owner is waiting for you."
    As I started to walk, the short ankle chain kept each of my steps to a hobble. The two bells attached to the chastity also rang with each step I took.
    Before driving away, Mistress Kate blared the car horn then she sped away.
    I look at the house to my right and noticed I was at 640 Oak St. Only fourteen houses to go. Good thing she didn't leave me at say 400 Oak St. That would have taken me much longer to get to.
    Some of the neighbors that were outside, and gasped when they saw me, hobbling up the sidewalk.
    A jogger crash into a garbage can while looking at me. Another accidentally mowed over his flowers. And some drivers that drove by, yelled out profanity.
    The sounds of the bells constantly ringing out in public, made me feel uncomfortable. It was different when I was inside Mistress Kate's home.
    As I continued hobbling to my destination, I was hoping that Mistress Kate would pull up and tell me all of this was just an introduction to open public humiliation and not just amongst those in this lifestyle.
    Two months ago, during afternoon tea with her friends, Mistress Kate put me over her knees, pulled down my black and white frilly panties, and spanked me with a hairbrush as her friends looked. She even allowed them to take turns to spank me over their knees.
    One of her friends, a Lady Bella spanked me harder than everyone else that the hairbrush left welts on my ass cheeks and me in tears.
    I wis Mistress Kate would have hinted if my new owner were male, female; or a ...