1. Upon Reflection, Ch. 03: The Unbearable Lightness of Being

    Date: 3/14/2023, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Lesbian Mind Control, Author: fidgetwrites, Source: sexstories.com

    Author's Note:
    This is a commission I've been working on recently from one of my readers. It explores a side of MC that I usually don't write about, which made it a lot of fun to work on!
    Upon Reflection
    by Fidget
    Chapter 3: The Unbearable Lightness of Being
    The following week, Maddie got the terrifying news from her mom that her younger sister, Kendal, had a few days off school, and would be coming to stay with her in her dorm. She tried to convince her mom that it would be a bad idea, but nothing she said made any difference, and it only resulted in her being called ungrateful. For some reason she hadn't been able to bring herself to tell her mom the real reason she didn't want her sister here, and before she knew it, her sister was on her way.
    To be honest, the whole mirror situation wasn't the only reason Maddie was hesitant to have her sister visit. Maddie loved her sister, but they were very different people, and rarely got along. Kendal was a perfectionist, and extremely concerned with tidiness, which had made her a nightmare to grow up with, She thought highly of herself, and made efforts to let everyone know just how refined and high class she was, though she had had the same upper middle-class upbringing as Maddie. She had even started imitating the Transatlantic accent from old movies in an attempt to sound more posh than her Nebraska upbringing would suggest. Even worse, she was a senior in high school, had just turned 18, and thought she knew everything. She had also recently come out to their parents as ace, which hadn't surprised Maddie, since Kendal had never shown any interest in anyone other than herself, especially in a sexual way.
    The day of both her sister's visit and her next scheduled trip to Cassandra's room inevitably arrived, and Maddie was ready for the delicate knock on her door when it came in the middle of the afternoon.
    "Ah, hello Maddie
    ," she said when Maddie opened the door.
    Maddie rolled her eyes. "Hi Kendal." Their mom said that the whole accent thing was just a phase, but Maddie wasn't so certain, and as much as she hated to admit it, it actually kinda suited her.
    They went to grab dinner in the cafeteria, with Kendal complaining about the quality of the food the entire time, before heading back to Maddie's room to relax.
    Eventually, however, eight o'clock drew near, and Maddie found herself getting up and beginning to make her way downstairs.
    "Where are you going Maddie?"
    "Don't worry about it. Stay here," she responded.
    "No way, I'm going with you!" Kendal said, hopping up and following her big sister out the door.
    Maddie was unable to stop herself from making her way to the basement, and unable to stop her sister from following her, so minutes later the two girls found themselves at the top of the final flight of stairs going down just as Nicole and Professor Streater arrived. The three regulars were dressed as they usually were, with Maddie showing ...