Date: 3/14/2023, Categories: Hardcore, First Time Author: expatriate, Source: xHamster

    It was the night Angel Adams and I had officially announced we were an item “going steady” thoigh we,d been having sexual fun for more than six months. With six months to high school graduation Angel was planning to go to university and a course involved with nature and conservation where as I was more interested in the military to get away from bullying parents having also suffered at the hands of school bullies till I was fifteen and Angel was instrumental in building my confidence forever going on about how well developed I was and how I seemed to be a “natural fucker”! “You,re not the guy with a Big Cock, but with what you,ve got you do real well and you drive me up the wall the way you eat my pussy! Yes I,m a Happy, Sexy girl and I,m All Yours!” But now Angel was taking more care either “borrowing” rubbers from her father or getting me to do the same with mine. No trouble with Angels, Dad Harold Who gotbthem wholesale in the mail and Never counted how many there were, kept them all in a drawer in their bathroom cabinet. My father usually noticed if I took one of his, but occasionally they “fell” off his dresser drawers if you know what I mean! Now Angel did NOT want knocked up where as only weeks before she cared less how much I shot up her cunt! Annoying a bit when all worked up and having to stop to unwrap a latex sheath and then pull out lots of pubic hair when taking one off! Of course now Angel had an exciting technique that after I,d filled the rubber she,d hold it above her head while laying down and let my cum trickle in her mouth! Often I got hard again just watching her drinking my thick semen and she seemed to love the taste. One particular night my parents and younger brother were visiting friends in Nebraska and I,d decided to stay behind to look after the house(and Angel,s lovely cunt)! Angel came over fairly early as her parents had forbade her staying later than 10pm. They obviously suspected what we were up to and eventually Rhoda found out first hand though not at this time. Angel brought a couple of bottle of coke which she,d spiked with vodka to get us in the mood and a giant jar of Vaseline jelly for obvious reasons. Using the Vaseline with two fingers I manipulated her cunt till she was squirming madly telling me to slide my cock in her ass hole! She now knelt on the bed before me on an old raggedy towel in case her anus bled when I took her anal cherry while I slapped thick Vaseline on my rock stiff cock and positioned myself behind her with the tip of my knob touching her nether lips. “Go on!”Angel urged me and like with her Maidenhead I forced my way in though her recriminations was not as tight as her twat! It Didn,t take near as much Persuasion to force my way in her shit chute and soon I was moving in and out easily as she groaned in delight. “That feels even better than I expected!”. Angel sighed. “And I could feel every single spurt you made deepl in my ass! I think I Love You even more now,” she kissed me ...