1. Frankie with a Roommate Ch. 05

    Date: 3/15/2023, Categories: Trans Author: byPinkPurple, Source: Literotica

    Frankie with a Roommate 05
    My Sunday morning plan of giving my roommate every opportunity under the Sun to call me out failed. And failed big time. When James woke me, instead of pulling the covers off of me and spying me laying on my belly in panties, he threw a nerf ball at me. I was beginning to think that those cute memes on Chang don't really represent real life.
    After that, I laid there and came up with a new plan. It's sure fire and won't fail. A sure thing I tell you.
    James always watches the Sunday night game and has a couple of beers. But tonight, he's going to kick back, watch the game and drink as many beers as I can slip in front of him. I'll be the usual best roommate ever and keep him supplied with snacks and beverages while I run around pretending to clean the house. He's so used to me taking care of things that he won't think twice about it.
    Oh, no Anon629, getting him drunk is only half of the plan. I will start out in a full warm up suit and lose one piece of clothing with each beer delivered. Is that it? Not by a long shot. By the middle of the game or the seventh beer, I will change back into my infamous PJ T-shirt and watch the rest game of the game with him. How am I so sure he will notice me you ask? Because I will make a bowl of popcorn and lay down on the living room floor right between him and the TV. Am I sure that will work? Well, I don't know, but if I wiggle around enough, I should be able to naturally exposed my butt globes.
    My facial make-up? I don't have that quite figured out just yet, but I have several hours to come up with something. Concealer for sure because it really works and maybe a little something around the eyes. I'll figure it out.
    Anyways, it's a good plan and it's going to work. My only fear is that my plan may be so good, that he wants to jump my bones. Sex is not what this plan is all about. This plan only addresses my coming out as the cross dresser I am.
    I am going to spend some of my day going to Hillsdale to see if Anon1928 really did buy me a French Maid outfit from Gary's Sex Clothing outlet. And spend a little time looking around at the store. They may carry a few things I really like. And maybe, just maybe, I will slip on the French Maid outfit while I'm serving James his beer tonight.
    But, first things first. I've heard about that store in Hillsdale, so there is no way I'm going there as Jeff. I have actually heard that they have a sign on the door that says 'no Jeff's allowed" and they have a Bouncer. So, it's a simple outfit under my warm up suit and go. I can touch up my eyes in the car in the parking lot of the clothing store.
    Sorry folks, I have to back track. Now I'm drooling at the mouth thinking about setting a beer down in front of James while wearing a French Maid outfit. Get on my Chang page and vote. I promise I'll do it if there enough positive responses.
    I found the store and pulled in towards the back. I whipped my warm up suit off and quickly ...